NC State Standouts Eye NFL Draft

Several players from the NC State football team will likely be selected this weekend in the 2005 NFL Draft. Here's a scouting report on each player, courtesy of TFY Draft Preview.

Chris Colmer School: North Carolina State
Ht: 6-5.5 Wt: 310 40: 5.35 Year: 6Sr

Bio: Four-year starter who consistently graded out higher as one of NC State's top blockers. Missed the ‘03 season with Parsonage Turner Syndrome, a viral infection in his shoulder.

Positives: Big, physical blocker who plays with outstanding intelligence. Patient, quickly picks up assignments and remains alert throughout the action. Stays square, keeps opponents in front and a solid position blocker who walls defenders from the action. Effectively uses blocking angles and displays the ability to slide in a small area. Nasty, plays with an aggressive attitude and attacks assignments. Strong at the point and jolts defenders with his hands. Turns opponents off the line opening holes for the running game.

Negatives: Lacks adjustment and has difficulty with nimble opponents. Marginal skills in motion. According to coaches, played in pain most of last season as a result of the ailment suffered two-years ago.

Analysis: A well-sized lineman with the ability to be used at either tackle spots, Colmer offers a solid combination of brute strength and football intelligence. Grades highly based on his play, yet durability concerns and his most recent medical condition will send up several red flags and push him into the late rounds.

Teams Expressing Interest: Atlanta, Detroit, Jacksonville, Miami, New England, NY Jets, Philadelphia, San Diego and Tennessee


T.A. McLendon School: North Carolina State
Ht: 5-10.5 Wt: 235 40: 4.77 Year: 3Jr

Bio: Three-year starter who made a major impact as a true freshman. Led the team in rushing, posting 167/770/6 in ten games last season, also adding 11/136/1 as a pass catcher. Missed significant time the past three seasons with assorted leg, shoulder and wrist injuries.

Running Back T.A. McLendon

Positives: Strong, interior ball carrier with top running back instincts. Displays outstanding vision, sees the field and quickly avoids defenders or piles. Slashes off defenders, has the ability to cut back in a small area and displays good first step quickness. Tough and plays hurt. Solid pass catcher who extends his hands to pluck the ball out of the air.

Negatives: Not a swift ball carrier and wears down over the course of games. Has struggled to stay healthy.

Analysis: At the top of his game, McLendon is a dominant runner who projects well as a feature ball carrier in the NFL. Has taken a beating in college and cannot stay healthy.

Teams Expressing Interest: Dallas, Green Bay, Detroit


Full Name: Jed Paulsen School: North Carolina State Pos: C
Ht: 6-1.5 Wt: 290 40: 5.44 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Three-year starter awarded All-Conference honors the past two seasons. Saw significant action as a backup during his true freshman campaign.

Pos: Hard working blocker on the pivot who does an outstanding job quarterbacking the offensive line. Bends his knees, keeps his feet moving throughout the action and plays heads up football. Nasty, blocks down on opponents and works hard to take them from the action. Intelligent, instinctive and works hard in all aspects. Quick off the snap, effective with the shotgun snap and patient throughout the play. Jolts opponents with good hand punch.

Neg: Not fluid moving about the field, lacks the dominant base and not a dominant run blocker. Marginal skills on the second level.

Analysis: A consistent player on the college level, Paulsen has potential as an inexpensive backup at the next level.

Teams Expressing Interest: N/A


Patrick Thomas School: North Carolina State
Ht: 6-1 Wt: 232 40: 4.85 Year: 4Sr

Bio: Three-year starter who finished second on the team in tackles as a senior with 67/13.5/4.5 after numbers of 130/15/8 the prior year when he was an All-Conference selection.

Linebacker Pat Thomas

Positives: Hard-hitting linebacker with marginal size/speed numbers. Instinctive, anticipates the action and immediately picks up pass cover assignments. Breaks down well, tough to knock off his feet and gets through the traffic to make a play on the ball. Effective in the box and wraps up tackling. Quickly fills in run defense. Gets adequate depth on pass drops.

Negatives: Only average playing speed and cannot cut off the corners from running backs. Struggles in coverage and possesses marginal ball skills.

Analysis: An intense competitor with terrific football intelligence, Thomas is a marginal athlete best suited on the inside in a 34 defense.

Teams Expressing Interest: Detroit


Dovonte Edwards School: North Carolina State
Ht: 5-10.5 Wt: 180 40: 4.56 Year: 4Sr

Bio: Former wideout who moved to the cornerback position as a junior and became a full-time starter last season. Posted 41/3/5 as a senior.

Positives: Adequate athlete who displayed improvement last season. Quick transitioning off the line, fast moving laterally and displays a closing burst. Works well with teammates, fights to defend the pass and displays adequate ball skills.

Negatives: Not physical or strong at the point. Possesses just average playing speed. Very quick out of his backpedal and prefers to side shuffle.

Analysis: A developing defensive back, Edwards is best suited in a zone defense facing the quarterback. Offers possibilities as a dime back.


Lamont Reid School: North Carolina State
Ht: 5-11.5 Wt: 195 40: 4.61 Year: 4Sr

Bio: Three-year starter who posted 27/1/10 as a senior after 37/1/7 the prior year. Outstanding special teams player productive returning kicks and on coverage units.

Cornerback Lamont Reid

Positives: Well sized cornerback with solid athletic skills. Physical, jams opponents at the line and effectively uses body positioning to box out receivers. Quickly locates the ball, gets vertical and defends the throw. Wraps up tackling.

Negatives: Hesitant reacting to receivers' moves off the line and usually a half step behind opponents. Slow getting his head back around in man coverage to make a play on the ball. Bites on receivers' moves. 53

Analysis: A prospect who physically tests well, Reid possesses the natural skills to play at the next level. Best shot would be as a nickel back/ special teams player.


Troy Graham School: North Carolina State
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 202 40: 4.68 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Starting safety the past two seasons, posting 46/2/8 as a senior after 91 tackles and three pass defenses the prior year.

Positives: Nice-sized safety who consistently gets a hand in to defend the throw. Effectively reads the quarterback, quickly breaks on the throw, and displays a burst of closing speed. Tough, works to get off blocks and make a play on the ball handler.

Negatives: Loses transitioning to break on the throw. Lacks man-to-man cover skills.

Analysis: A hard-working defensive back, Graham is best suited as a backup in a zone system.

Teams Expressing Interest: Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, New York Giants, Miami Dolphins


Andre Maddox School: North Carolina State
Ht: 6-0.5 Wt: 205 40: 4.54 Year: 4Sr

Bio: Three-year starter and All-Conference selection who posted 40/0/1 as a senior. Junior totals included 145 tackles.

Strong Safety Andre Maddox

Positives: Hard-hitting safety who plays with top intelligence. Reads the action, takes good angles to the play and fires up the field defending the run. Possesses a burst of closing speed, fast moving laterally and works well with cornerbacks. Fights to get off blocks and plays hard until the whistle blows.

Negatives: Marginal skills in man coverage. Does not time well in the forty and lacks general ball skills.

Analysis: A sudden defender who flashes on the scene, Maddox combines football instincts with a great motor. Lacks the size to be a true strong safety yet could flourish in a zone system, which reduces his lateral assignment responsibilities. Will bring value as a special teams player.


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