JC's All-ACC Team

After seeing the umpteenth All-ACC team written by sports writers who seemingly have the knowledge to choose such a team, I said to myself, "self, you need to choose your own All-ACC accolades and quit depending on those 'K' loving self appointed experts for your brainwashing".

I think my mind hit the marathon wall yesterday when ACCToday.com had their yearly pow-wow of the experts and came up with this. Please note in ACCToday's article, that "ALL CAPS stands for those that the staff of ACCToday believes is a lock for First Team".

Helloooo! Maryland just beat the boys in dark blue so bad they had to limp out of Cole Field House! Yet I see they have "capped" BOOZER, WILLIAMS and DUNLEAVY as guaranteed locks for the All Everything Awards. I bet that smoked filled room these boys were in when they cut this deal was full of more then Tampa Nugget haze.

I wanted to jump into this biased absurdity, and put in some NC State Kudos. You have no need to look elsewhere if you are a NC State fan for your selections. Introducing the first annual, JC's All ACC Selections!

JC's 2001-02 All-ACC Team

All-ACC 1st Team:

  • MVP * Anthony Grundy * SG
    Is there a player in the league that means more to their team? The clear answer is absolutely not. Here's a guy who is 6-3 with a wing span that must be every bit 7'0". He has no fear when he takes it down low to use the likes of Baxter, Lang and Boozer. He has been relentless since the benching at Clemson. Grundy is Da Man.
  • Archie Miller * PG
    He has to be on this team. He was voted by his teammates as the NC State player most likely to be a coach. What he lacks in stature (no way is he 5'11") he makes up in shear determination. I know if I was on his team, when he gave me that brow scowl, I'd perk up. Plus he knows how to shoot the 3. There has been several occasions when his timely jumpers have kicked started NC State's offense.
  • Julius Hodge * WG/SG/PG
    He makes the team on his New York attitude alone. I mean this in a positive way. He justs drips with confidence and this carries to the rest of the team, especially the Freshman. He is probably the most versatile player in the league.
  • Marcus Melvin * PF
    Marcus makes it because of his 3 point shot. He has replaced Flopping Battier as the best shooting big man in the league making 27 3 pointers to date . That 30 footer against Houston was unbelievable.
  • Josh Powell * C
    OK, maybe I'm stretching a bit here, but I refuse to give another vote for Boozer. I look at it this way. Almost every ACC game Josh plays, he spots his opponents about 40 pounds and 3 or 4 years in experience, yet he is averaging 8.3 PPG. He gets extra points from me for degree of difficulty.

    ACC Coach of the year

  • Herb Sendek * NC State
    Herb has taken 2 senior leaders and added a pile of Freshman to lead NC State to an eventual NCAA birth. They will of won 20+ games playing well on the road and at home. The amazing thing, is they seem to get better each time out.

    All-ACC Freshman Team

  • Rookie of the Year * Juluis Hodge WF/SG/PG
    The best freshman in the league this year. Earned bonus points from me putting Blake's 3 elbows (one in Raleigh, two in Maryland) in proper perspective.
  • Illian Evtimov * SF
    I cannot remember a better passer than him. Maybe Tom Gugliotta. He sees the court as good as anyone.
  • Josh Powell * PF
    This is no stretch. If Duke deserves 3 all ACC players according to ACCToday, then NC State deserves 3 on the All ACC Freshman Team.
  • Jordan Collins * C
    This big man started slow, but he has gained confidence and PT during the ACC match-ups. He also looks to of gained a good 20 pounds of muscle since the start of the season. Look for him to replace Lonnie Baxter as the most underated center in the league for next year.
  • Michael Bell * SF
    We all know he can shoot the 3. He makes the team on potential alone!

    Comeback Player of the Year

  • Scooter Sherrill * SG
    Scooter is just down right explosive. When he was highlighted on the Herb Sendek show a couple of weeks ago, they showed some HS footage and he dominated with his quicks and hops. I see the same thing happening now that he is playing more. His jumper from the left baseline is sweet!

    Sixth Man Award

  • Clifford Crawford * PG
    Cliff has jets. He needs more PT and will get plenty of it next year when Miller and Grundy graduate to the NBA .

    Honorable Mentioned

  • Will Roach * SF
  • Brian Keeter * SG
  • Levi Watkins * SF

    Have I left anyone out? I think not! That's my All-ACC Team, brought to you from my smoked filled room, biased, unfair and tilted to the Red and White! At least I admit as much. I can't wait for the Associated Press to pick this up and run it nationally!

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