Temple Game Still On?

NC State's currently scheduled to play Temple on September 10th, but a scheduling conflict could cause the game to be canceled or rescheduled.

College Sports: Scheduling Snafu Prompts Eleventh-Hour Scramble

"Most directly, this would affect North Carolina State, currently slated to play the Owls in Philly on Sept. 10. The web sites for both the Temple and State departments confirm this, contrary to Beauregard's information.

"Temple is going to Wisconsin [on Sept. 10]," Beauregard repeated. "We turn around and we go to Temple this year [on Sept. 24] and they will return the trip next year."

Representatives from North Carolina State's athletic office say they've heard nothing about any schedule change, and plan to meet Temple on Sept. 10, as scheduled.

So, with the college football season starting in 132 days, Western Michigan has guaranteed Wisconsin an opponent that it doesn't yet acknowledge, Middle Tennessee State is looking for a Sept. 24 opponent, North Carolina State thinks it's traveling Temple on a date Temple's reportedly traveling to Wisconsin, and the Owls have pending contracts with a pair of teams on the same date."

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