's Updated '06 Rankings! released its updated Class of 2006 Top 100 and several NC State targets made the list. released its updated Class of 2006 Top 100 and several NC State targets made the list. 2006 Top 100

Notable Wolfpack targets include: Anthony Gurley (#50), Marques Johnson (#58), Willie Walker (#59), Reggie Redding (#66), JaJuan Jones (#67), and Larry Davis (#73).


The Class of 2006 is headlined by a pair of can't miss prospects. Greg Oden probably can't wait to get himself to a higher level – be it college or the pros – because his game needs to be challenged. The dominant center remains our choice (and pretty much everyone else's) as the top prospect in the class.

However, Kevin Durant has taken the bull by the horns. Forget the fact that he's extremely thin, he's been dominant on the AAU circuit and pretty darn good for Oak Hill as well. We're talking about a big time small forward with range most 6-foot-10 guys can't even fathom. He's coming on strong.

We've slid a few guys around in the Top 10 but the names, for the most part, remain the same.

For years we've prognosticated that the Class of 2006 was loaded and it is at the top. One element of the class that is showing itself as the season continues is that there might not be the kind of depth we originally envisioned this class having.

The Top 10 in 2006 can stand tall with just about any group in a long time. However, after about 30 players or so, there is little separating the remainder of the Top 100. Expect guys to slide in and out of the Top 100 and up and down the Top 75 for the next year. Translation: unless your name is Durant, Oden, Wright, Arthur, Young, Ellington, Hawes, Cook Harris or Macklin, you'd better bring your "A" game all the time.

The one situation we'll monitor closely is the race at the point guard slot. Tywon Lawson and Sherron Collins are the big dogs heading into the summer and the rest of the spots from 3-10 can change quickly. 2006 Top 100

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