2005 Chavis League Players And Schedule

Here's an official schedule for the 2005 Chavis League held at the St. Augustine's Gymnasium. Several current and ex-wolfpack players are participating this year. Pack Pride will be providing exclusive coverage of this summer's games.

Raleigh Parks and Recreation Department
Capitol Park Summer League Basketball Schedule

Teams With Players of Interest:

MEN AT WORK: Ronald "Flip" Murray

STYLE: Chucky Brown, Anthony Grundy, and Cedric Simmons 

SOLDIERS: Tyree Graham 

REACHING YOUR GOALS: Gavin Grant, Courtney Fells, Brandon Costner, Ben McCauley, and Simon Harris 



BLACK DEVILS: Ilian Evtimov, Vasco Evtimov, and Engin Atsur 

NOTE: McCauley and Costner will begin play following the July 4th holiday. Andrew Brackman, Tony Bethel, Engin Atsur, and Cameron Bennerman are scheduled to not play this summer. Bennerman will be in summer school and Atsur will be going to Turkey during the second summer session. Rosters are also still being finalized so some players could end up switching teams.


2005 Adult Summer Basketball League Schedule


(Eastern Division)


Style                                        Cougars

NC Ballers                              Zoo Crew

R.Y.G                                      Buffaloe

Black Devils                           Leith BMW

Soldiers                                   Kimbell's

And 1


Wednesday, June 15                          Friday, July 8

6:30pm STYLE vs. And 1                                    6:30pm Leith vs. Kimbell's

7:30pm Black Devils vs. Soldiers                       7:30pm Buffaloe vs. Black Devils

8:30pm Kimbell's vs. Buffaloe                            8:30pm Soldiers vs. STYLE

9:30pm Cougars vs. Zoo Crew


Friday, June 17                                  Monday, July 11

6:30pm Leith vs. R.Y.G                                        6:30pm R.Y.G vs. Black Devils

7:30pm NC Ballers vs. Soldiers                          7:30pm Zoo Crew vs. STYLE

8:30pm STYLE vs. Buffaloe                                8:30pm Buffaloe vs. NC Ballers

9:30pm Black Devils vs. Zoo Crew                    9:30pm Soldiers vs. And 1


Monday, June 20                               Wednesday, July 13

6:30pm Kimbell's vs. R.Y.G                                 6:30pm Cougars vs. Black Devils

7:30pm Cougars vs. Leith                                   7:30pm Leith vs. STYLE

8:30pm And 1 vs. Buffaloe                                 8:30pm R.Y.G vs. NC Ballers

9:30pm NC Ballers vs. Zoo Crew                       9:30pm Zoo Crew vs. And 1


Wednesday, June 22                          Monday, July 18

6:30pm STYLE vs. R.Y.G                                     6:30pm Kimbell's vs. STYLE

7:30pm Black Devils vs. Leith                            7:30pm Buffaloe vs. Soldiers

8:30pm Kimbell's vs. Cougars                            8:30pm Cougars vs. NC Ballers

9:30pm Soldiers vs. Zoo Crew                            9:30pm Leith vs. And 1


Monday, June 27                               Wednesday, July 20

6:30pm And 1 vs. R.Y.G                                      6:30pm Black Devils vs. NC Ballers

7:30pm NC Ballers vs. Leith                                7:30pm R.Y.G vs. Soldiers

8:30pm STYLE vs. Cougars                                8:30pm Zoo Crew vs. Buffaloe

9:30pm Black Devils vs. Kimbell's                     9:30pm Kimbell's vs. And 1


Wednesday, June 29                          Monday, July 25

6:30pm Buffaloe vs. R.Y.G                                  6:30pm Zoo Crew vs. Kimbell's

7:30pm Soldiers vs. Leith                                    7:30pm And 1 vs. Black Devils

8:30pm And 1 vs. Cougars                                 8:30pm R.Y.G vs. Cougars

9:30pm NC Ballers vs. Kimbell's                        9:30pm NC Ballers vs. STYLE


Wednesday, July 6                             Wednesday, July 27

6:30pm Zoo Crew vs. Leith                                 6:30pm Leith vs. Buffaloe

7:30pm Buffaloe vs. Cougars                             7:30pm R.Y.G vs. Zoo Crew

8:30pm Soldiers vs. Kimbell's                            8:30pm Cougars vs. Soldiers

9:30pm And 1 vs. NC Ballers                              9:30pm STYLE vs. Black Devils


(Western Division)


H.A.Z                                                NC Finest

357                                                    Fit 24

Bad Co.                                            XXX

Icemen                                              MAW

Warriors                                          GBO

Carolina's Finest


Thursday, June 16                                         Tuesday, July 12

6:30pm H.A.Z vs. Car. Finest                                            6:30pm Bad Co. vs. 357

7:30pm NC finest vs. Warriors                                           7:30pm MAW vs. NC finest

8:30pm 357 vs. MAW                                                          8:30pm Warriors vs. H.A.Z

9:30pm Fit 24 vs. Icemen                                                     9:30pm Car. Finest vs. GBO


Tuesday, June 21                                           Thursday, July 14

6:30pm Bad Co. vs. XXX                                                    6:30pm XXX vs. NC finest

7:30pm GBO vs. Warriors                                                   7:30pm Icemen vs. H.A.Z

8:30pm H.A.Z vs. MAW                                                     8:30pm MAW vs. GBO

9:30pm NC finest vs. Icemen                                              9:30pm Warriors vs. Car. Finest


Thursday, June 23                                         Tuesday, July 19

6:30pm 357 vs. XXX                                                            6:30pm Fit 24 vs. NC finest

7:30pm Fit 24 vs. Bad Co.                                                   7:30pm Bad Co. vs. H.A.Z

8:30pm Car. Finest vs. MAW                                             8:30pm XXX vs. GBO

9:30pm GBO vs. Icemen                                                      9:30pm Icemen vs. Car. Finest


Tuesday, June 28                                           Thursday, July 21

6:30pm H.A.Z vs. XXX                                                       6:30pm 357 vs. H.A.Z

7:30pm NC finest vs. Bad Co.                                             7:30pm MAW vs. Warriors

8:30pm 357 vs. Fit 24                                                            8:30pm Fit 24 vs. GBO

9:30pm Warriors vs. Icemen                                               9:30pm Bad Co. vs. Car. Finest


Thursday, June 30                                         Tuesday, July 26

6:30pm Icemen vs. XXX                                                      6:30pm NC finest vs. GBO

7:30pm GBO vs. Bad Co.                                                     7:30pm XXX vs. Warriors

8:30pm H.A.Z vs. Fit 24                                                       8:30pm Icemen vs. MAW

9:30pm NC finest vs. 357                                                     9:30pm 357 vs. Car. Finest


Tuesday, July 5                                              Thursday, July 28

6:30pm MAW vs. XXX                                                       6:30pm Icemen vs. 357

7:30pm Warriors vs. Bad Co.                                              7:30pm Car. Finest vs. NC finest

8:30pm Car. Finest vs. Fit 24                                               8:30pm XXX vs. Fit 24

9:30pm GBO vs. 357                                                             9:30pm GBO vs. H.A.Z


Thursday, July 7                                            Friday, July 29

6:30pm Icemen vs. Bad Co.                                                 6:30pm Bad Co. vs. MAW

7:30pm MAW vs. Fit 24                                                      7:30pm XXX vs. Car. Finest

8:30pm Warriors vs. 357                                                      8:30pm Fit 24 vs. Warriors

9:30pm H.A.Z vs. NC finest



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