Kentucky QB Talks NC State

QB Will Fidler from Henderson County (Ky) High School talks about his recent visit to NC State.

Fresh off his visit to NC State, QB Will Fidler from Henderson County (Ky) High School talked with Pack Pride recently about the Wolfpack and his impressions of Pack offensive coordinator Marc Trestman. At 6-5, 200 pounds, Fidler has the frame that coaches love and he put up some monster stats in 2004. Named the state 4A player of the year, Fidler completed 69% of his passes as a junior, throwing for better than 4,000 yards and 45 touchdowns while leading his team to a 12-2 record. He's earned scholarship offers from Kentucky and Western Michigan but that is likely to be only the beginning as Fidler prepares for his senior season. The following is a Q & A with Fidler on his trip to Raleigh and where he's leaning at the current time.

Will, we heard you recently made an unofficial visit to NC State. Can you tell us how the trip went?

"The visit went great and I liked it a lot. They have some nice facilities and I really liked coach Trestman. He was the only coach I got to see but I was really impressed by him."

Since coach Trestman has spent so much time in the pros, what were your impressions of him and how did you feel like he related to you?

"Instead of acting like a big shot, he was really down to earth and just talked to me one on one and was giving me advice on what I can do to be a better QB. He was talking about his time with the Raiders and working with guys like Rich Gannon. He told me that he wanted me at State because he thought he could give me the coaching I would need to help get me to the NFL."

Having been associated with so many coaches over the spring and early summer, does everything start to sound the same when it comes to recruiting?

"When you talk to so many coaches, a lot of it does start to all sound the same but I can say coach Trestman really stood out. I mean, he's a smart guy. He's a genius and just really knows football. One thing I know for sure is State's offense will be better than it was last year."

What were your impressions of the Raleigh area?

"My mom had friends that lived about an hour away and it's really not too far. We drove down from Baltimore and it's not too different from Kentucky. It was really nice.

Did coach Trestman talk at all about offering a scholarship?

"He said he couldn't offer. He had to get with the head coach first but he would get in touch with me in the future."

So, after several camps (Alabama, Kentucky, Purdue, Virginia, Vanderbilt and Maryland) and unofficial visits, where do you stand with recruiting right now?

Well, I'd say NC State is in my top two or three right now. Kentucky is in there, obviously. I also like Alabama and I'd put Purdue in there as well. Those would probably be my top four but not in any particular order.

Have you set any kind of time table for a decision?

"Right now, I don't really know where I want to go to college. Of course, if I wanted to go to Kentucky I could go ahead and commit since they've offered. But if I wanted to go to a school like NC State, I'm going to have to wait it out and show what I can do."

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