Rearview Mirror

Brian McLain looks back at the week that was NC State sports. In the Rearview Mirror this week you will find NCAA basketball and Wolfpack kudos. Enjoy!


What a disappointing end to a great season. I really thought we were going to come back and beat UConn, but Caron Butler was simply amazing. He was 10-13 from the field and 12-12 from the charity stripe, scoring a career high 34 points. Is it just me or does it seem like every big man from the competition have a career night against the Pack? And before I say that last foul call was BS, Hodge did foul Butler, as much as I don't want to admit it. My only problem with that is it wasn't called during the whole game, but it gets called with the shot clock at zero and 11 seconds left in the game. That's what sucked!


Thanks for a great rookie campaign, Julius! Don't feel too bad about the 'foul' and the missed shot to end the game. Without your stellar play in the tournament, your give-it-everything-you-have-on-the-court attitude, we would not have been in this game or several others this year. You were the ACC Rookie of the Year, no matter what a bunch of drunk and lazy ACC journalists put on their voting sheets! Hell, they couldn't even spell Ilian Evtimov! Some journalists. I know I'm not the only one who can't wait until next year. With you and the other freshmen, along with our upperclassmen, I have no doubt in my mind we're at least Sweet Sixteen-bound.


Thank you for your stellar career at NCSU. You are the only player to lead the Pack in scoring, rebounding, and assists in the same season. I know I will miss those in-the-lane-twisting shots that leave us all in awe. Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for stepping up and being the leader of this team. Thank you for being you!


I have been one of your biggest critics during your time here, but let me be the first to say thank you for giving 110% everytime you stepped on the court. Thank you for diving at balls, hitting clutch threes, making insane passes, and being the general on the court. I know you will be pacing those sidelines one day soon, and I hope you have the same type players that give evrything you have given to us.

To The Rest of the Team

Thank you for making this year fun and enjoyable again for the WolfPack faithful. There are those of us who have waited a very long time to see you guys come along and take us back to the Big Dance, to give us a chance to have something meaningful to cheer about in March, to give us that pride that so many of us have not shown for a while. Thank you Clifford, Scooter, Marcus, Ilian, Josh, Levi, Jordan, and everyone else. I know I look forward to seeing most of you next year. For those of you who are graduating, thank you for everything you have given to the WolfPack and for letting us be able to cheer for you.

Coach Sendek and Staff

Guys, be proud of what you accomplished this year. The pressure to win this year was overbearing and you delivered. I know there are many in the fanbase who won't be satisfied until they attempt to run you out of town, but they are definitely the minority. I was skeptical at the beginning of the season myself, but you were able to prove me wrong, probably not a very hard thing to do in retrospect. To be able to take a team so underclassmen-heavy and get them to the top of the ACC, into the ACC Championship, and into the second round of the NCAA tournament is something to be proud of. There are very few of us around who thought any of those things were possible at the beginning of the season.

Go Pack

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