The Strutting Wolf calls for contributors

When The Strutting Wolf was started on February 14, 2001, it was nothing more than a simple conduit for this particular fan's excitement for NC State at what seemed to be "the most desperate of times".

Since the beginnings, we have made many changes in our effort to grow the site. I am proud to say that TSW has grown far beyond any initial expectations. We are now syndicated on and are a member of the network. Many thanks to the thousands of dedicated visitors that scan our pages daily. Your continued support has now made it a necessity to expand our staff.

TSW is calling out the most ardent of NC State fans that feel the calling to participate in what is now "the most exciting of times" for both Wolfpack athletics and The Strutting Wolf. Both have an unbelievable future and we need fans to record the news with commentary, recaps and anything else that your talents may have to offer the NC State community. Even though we have grown, we have not changed this site's purpose which is to record the fan's excitement for Wolfpack sports.

The requirements are simple. You must be a diehard NC State fan who wants to add your abilities to The Strutting Wolf website. Your presentations will be based on when you feel the need to contribute. This is no job, it is a passion and your contributions will occur accordingly.

While we do try for perfection, we are not paid professionals. We are fans having a good time. So we do not take ourselves so serious that the fun is removed. I for one have to be the worst speller of all time, and our staff is constantly helping me through my weakness! You will be a part of a TSW team that helps each other in providing content for the site.

If you want to pitch in, simply send us a note to TSW Contributors. It will be great to hear from other excited Wolfpack fans!

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