Time to start a family

We are glad to have long time visitor David Via as a new contributor for The Strutting Wolf. In David's first commentary, he looks at the need to hire from within and says the time to do so is now.

If Lee Fowler was smart, (and he is, he put Gonzaga as a six seed) he would summon Herb to his office and say "here is a 3-year extension with one caveat.  Hire Archie Miller"!  This is the perfect time to start building the basketball family that seems to exist everywhere in the Triangle except here.
Archie was the team's unanimous selection, as to who would become a coach.  His dad is a coach, his brother is a coach, and he wants to coach.  Why can't it be here?
We all have rolled our eyes when we look down Coach K's bench, it is staggering; Amaker, Capel, Snyder are all head basketball coaches.  With Wojciechowski, Dawkins and Collins now toting clipboards, it cannot be long before they get called.
Miller has been a leader this past season.  With a very young team coming back next season, we are going to need someone to become a leader. They may do so reluctantly.  If Archie is on the bench the transition may go easier.
We saw flashes of greatness from Julius Hodge. At times, it looked as if he could not let himself take over a game if Archie and Anthony were on the floor.  He will need a familiar voice at times next season chewing in his ear, and Archie could fill that role.
Archie can whisper coach like things in his ex-teammates ears to remind them where mistakes were made in 2001-02. He can help them to stay hungry against a bottom feeder or help them prepare for the top tier.
Family can also tell you when you are screwing up.  No one can tell you that your fly is down like your brother or cousin.  It's just a look and a nod, next thing you know you have turned around and pieced it back together.
A family is a wonderful thing.  They are the bridges between generations. It is time to get over the honeymoon stage and start settling down.  Herb and the University need to renew their vows.  The program needs to start its family, and Coach Miller has a nice ring to it. Let him be the first born.

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