So good, to feel so bad

Andrew Sutton has volunteered his time to become a contributor for The Strutting Wolf. We welcome Andrew to the TSW team.

When was the last time you felt so bad after a loss in a basketball game?  Most of us Wolfpackers have become numb to losing.  We thought we were going to be relieved of those two years ago when we were off to the terrific start to the season.  Then the Maryland game came and the bottom fell out.  We once again were numb to the losses.

This was the year we have needed for longer than we care to discuss.  We won most of the games we were supposed to and a few we weren't.  I don't think anyone will argue that we were truly an underdog against an experienced Michigan State team.  They had been here before.

It has been so long since we have been to the NCAA's we do not even know what dancing is like.  We showed that we had a few dance moves already in our pocket after beating Michigan State on Friday.  That was a pleasant surprise to all of us.

We had a few more than #2 seed UConn, but the ball didn't fall our way.  We all saw Julius Hodge's reaction, and I am sure most of you, like myself could not have been more excited by it.

When I saw him drop to the floor at the MCI, I immediately recalled what Julius Hodge said about coming to NC State, "I came to North Carolina State University not only to get a four-year academic degree, but also to win the national championship." This kid has more fire in him alone than some of the N.C. State teams I have seen in recent years.  How exciting is that?

It was a sick feeling for most of us after the game.  I don't think anyone will argue that, but I also believe that any Wolfpacker was glad to feel that way.  We now are out of the numbness of mediocrity and back to the expectations of greatness.

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