Recap: 2005 ACC Kickoff

If you were busy the past few days and missed our coverage of the 2005 ACC Football Kickoff, here is the recap of interviews, audio, polls, etc... from the Pack Pride staff.

2005 2005 ACC Kickoff Recap

  • Tramain Hall Audio (w/Quotes)

    Thoughts on freshman tailback Andre Brown:
    Andre Brown... Whew! I have seen him during our seven-on-seven workouts this summer, and just the explosion he has, at 230 pounds. He wants to work and he wants to learn. There is just something about a guy who wants to learn. He has a passion you feed off of. He is not one of these guy who just comes in chilling during seven-on-seven. He wants to know: "Jay, what do I do?" You can't help but think "This kid is going to be good."

  • Oliver Hoyte Audio (w/Quotes)

    Do you like the new division layout?
    I don't really know the setup, but I'd love to play Miami every year. I'd love to play them. That's the only school that didn't recruit me.

    I love the offense they run. They have I-backs and run straight at you. I wish every team would line up in the I-back and run straight at me. That's a dream.

  • Part I: ACC Player Quotables

    Who is the best player you have played against while at FSU?
    I thought (former NC State QB) Phillip Rivers was awesome. He was extremely competitive. He does anything to win.

  • Part II: ACC Player Quotables

    Do you compare yourself to other guys at your position?
    Any chance I get to watch another linebacker, whether college or professional, I'm glued to the TV. Because you obviously don't have all the answers, there's no way you can get through the league on your own. Like I look at Ray Lewis, you can tell by watching him that he's passionate and loves the game. In college, I like Ernie Sims. He's not the biggest guy, and I'm not the biggest guy, but he's aggressive and knows how to get to the ball. That alone tells me that he's going all out on every play. He's a great football player.

  • Wolfpack Picked Third Preseason In Atlantic Division

    The ACC released the 2005 preseason football poll today at the ACC Kickoff, and NC State was picked third in the Atlantic Division.

  • Hall, Lawson, Williams Named Preseason All-ACCThe ACC released the 2005 preseason All-ACC team, and NC State had three members selected to the team.

  • Chuck Amato Audio (w/Quotes)

    What's the most important thing that has to happen for your team to be successful?
    If we can play defense, even 80% as good as we did a year ago, and win the turnover margin, nothing else can matter.

  • ACC Coaching Quotables

    What do you think about opening against NC State?
    I think NC State is a really tough opener for us, because they're so good on defense. And generally speaking, defenses are ahead of offenses when you start the season. I mean, that's just a fact. So I think that's a difficult, difficult conference opener for us. I think the other side of it, though, if you're gonna have problems, you want to have them early. I think us playing Southern Cal last year in the opener was great for us, and I think NC State is gonna be the same way because your kids have respect for that program, they know what a great defense these NC State kids present to you. I think they're a good team, I think NC State's one of the teams that's one of the dark horses on here, that could really come on and be really good, I think. They got some good backs.

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