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NC State baseball got thumped by Wake Forest yesterday 13-7. The Deacs won the three game set on Doak field this weekend winning 2 of 3. NC State dropped to 18-7 overall and 1-2 in the conference. We also looked in on the scuttlebutt over at Chapel Hill. Thad Williamson scolds UNC fans and Eddy Landreth just tries his hand at Curry math.

Reports: Sendek to receive contract extension
The Strutting Wolf

NC State 34, FSU 28
Shel Brannon * The Strutting Wolf

TSW TAILGATE * NC State Spring Football Game
Doug Taylor * The Strutting Wolf

Wake Forest Thumps NC State Baseball, 13-7

Deacs drop Pack 13-7
Matt Middleton * Technician

Terps back in Final Four
Associated Press

Yes or No? No one knows if Hornets will move to Big Easy
John Delong * Winston-Salem Journal

ESA takes center stage
Tim Peeler * News & Record

8-5+2<<>10+3 ... oh, never mind
Eddy Landreth * Chapel Hill News

Be realistic about UNC basketball
Thad Williamson * Chapel Hill News

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