QB Chris Hawkins

TSW profiles 2003 quarterback and super athlete Chris Hawkins from Southern Vance.<br> <font size=1 color=cc0000>Update 5:10pm: Hawkins commits to NC State according to Head Coach Mark Perry.</font size=1 color=cc0000>

Name: Chris Hawkins
Position: Quarterback
Hometown: Henderson (NC)
High School: Southern Vance
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 190
Speed: 4.4
HS Graduation Year: 2003

TSW Bullet Points:

  • Athletic Quarterback
  • Super speed and quickness
  • Above average arm
  • Makes broken plays into gainers with his athletic ability
  • Key Stat: 1,000+ passing yards and 700 rushing yards during his Junior year
  • Update 5:10 pm - April 22, 2002: TSW caught up with Southern Vance Head Coach Mark Perry to confirm Chris Hawkin's commitment to NC State on Monday. "Chris gave his verbal to Coach Pate from NC State this morning" said Perry, "He and his parents really liked the coaching staff."

    Chris visited NC State and they were impressed with what they saw. Coach Perry remarked, "When they went down to visit, the first thing they were shown was the academic side of NC State and then they toured the Athletic facilities. That made a big impression on Chris and his parents."

    The fit seemed good to all parties. Tennessee, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech and Florida State were all involved but according to Coach Perry "NC State was just a good fit and provided the best opportunity for Chris."

    Hawkins also made it to the recent Red and White game and was accompanied by Southern Vance Asst. Coach Fisher.

    Update 8:30 am - April 22, 2002: Inside Carolina is reporting that Chris Hawkins will commit to NC State today. When asked why he will choose NC State over Carolina, Hawkins said, "I just like the atmosphere at NCSU. The kids (as well as the coaching staff) there just came up and talked to me whereas the coaching staff at UNC mainly talked to me. He just seems like the right fit for me. Carolina kind of backed off of me the last couple of weeks. I guess since Durant decided not to transfer that they felt like they did not need another QB. I think UNC is a good school though."

    Scouting Report - March 27, 2002: Jamie Newberg is reporting that NC State has offered Southern Vance (NC) quarterback Chris Hawkins. Chris is a terrific athletic signal caller with good size, speed and quickness. NC State leads Tennessee, Florida State, North Carolina.

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