Trestman Talks About the Wolfpack Offense

OC Marc Trestman led his first practice with the Wolfpack and we got his early impressions of where the Pack "O" stands.

Newly hired offensive coordinator turned down the bright lights of the NFL and, instead, made the decision to take over the reigns of the NC State offense. We caught up with Trestman recently for a Q & A session about his early impressions of the Wolfpack offense.

Talk about Jay Davis and what he can do.

Well, he's a senior. He's living his dream and he's a college QB for a major college football team. So, he's doing what he can to get the most out of the people around him and certainly the most out of himself. He's just stepping up and has done a great job.

Talk about the group of running backs you have.

We've got some good players at that position, there's no doubt about it.

You seem to have a very positive, upbeat style. Is that just the way you coach?

That's the way. Just be yourself, have fun and when you love the game and are passionate about it, you just express yourself in that manner.

How do you feel about your backup QB's?

You know, Marcus has played and he's done a really good job of working at his game in the offseason in terms of studying. He had a good spring. He spent a lot of time on football and it's important to him. I really feel Jay is firmly the number one guy but I think Marcus is going to step up and be a very good player. If he has to step up sooner than later then so be it. He's done a nice job.

Talk about your receivers. Has anyone emerged?

We have a quality group of receivers. We don't have what you might call the great receiver, the difference making receiver, but we have very good receivers in terms of their football intelligence and their ability to run routes with great technique and for me that's always been the most important thing is the technique not so much the speed.

How about the offensive line?

We've got to develop them and we've got to do it as quickly as we can. We've got 29 practices to find five guys who can learn to work together with great chemistry and that's our greatest challenge right now is coming together as an offensive line and we've expressed that to everybody on the offense. That's a big challenge and everybody knows that.

What are just your initial impressions of the overall talent base you have to work with on the offensive side of the ball?

You know, it's hard to tell. We have smart football players this year that love football and that really helps because they really embrace what we're trying to do. They're passionate about it. They're enthusiastic about it and I think it's very sincere and I really appreciate it. The energy's coming back and it's going both ways. Chuck does a great job of pushing everything in the right direction and being really positive about it so, it's like every team right now, the first day of practice, everybody has got great vibe going and great karma and we'll see how we are when we're in our third two a day and we're beat down a little bit. We'll see how we respond to that and go from there.

How involved do you expect the FB position to be in your offense?

Well, we're multiple in our offense but you go down our roster and we don't have a guy that's a legitimate fullback. I mean it's just that simple so we do it with the press would call the "U" back or the "H" back might be. We use the second TE in those types of blocking situations.

Is Reggie Davis your number one back?

We've got three guys right now that are battling it out. We've got two young guys that you saw out there today that are going to compete. They're very mature guys and we've got a community of players but just one football so we can't worry about who's going to get it and who's going to be number one because it really doesn't matter to me. I don't really care. You know I just care about getting the best five guys out there for that particular play and we'll go from there.

Is it a blessing to have that many RB's?

It's never a bad thing.

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