Offers Keep Coming

It doesn't take long for a basketball player's recruitment to sky rocket, especially if he has a great summer. Among the players with their stock on the rise is Julian Vaughn. Vaughn spoke with Evan Daniels of and updated him on his recruitment.

It doesn't take long for a basketball player's recruitment to sky rocket, especially if he has a great summer. Among the players with their stock on the rise is Julian Vaughn. The 6-foot-10 power forward was one of the players that showed off his skills this summer and was rewarded with a number of scholarship offers.

The 6-foot-10 rising junior went from three offers in late June to 15 scholarship offers in early August. According to Vaughn the schools that have offered are Clemson, Miami, Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Kansas, Ohio State, Wake Forest, Boston College, Notre Dame, Michigan, Illinois, Georgetown, and NC State

While Vaughn said that he doesn't have any favorites right now, he did say that North Carolina State, Maryland, Ohio State, Kansas, Wake Forest, and Miami are recruiting him the hardest.

"It's getting kind of crazy, I have a lot more offers now," Vaughn said of his recruitment. "I'm getting a lot of mail and I'm probably going to take some un-officials soon."

Even with all of the attention Vaughn is extremely humble and just thankful that he is in this type of situation.

"It all came pretty quick. It all came pretty sudden. I always had dreams of being recruited by all of these schools and stuff," Vaughn said excitedly. "But now it's becoming a reality. Now that it's happening it's crazy and overwhelming. It's an honor to be recruited by these schools."

The 37th ranked player in the class of 2007 has had an extremely busy summer. Vaughn participated in a number of camps this summer, including NBPA camp and adidas Superstar Camp. He also played with the D.C. Assault throughout the summer and played in all of the big tournaments such as Bob Gibbons TOC, adidas Showtime Nationals and the adidas Super 64.

"I thought I did real well. I played against a lot of top players and stuff throughout the summer. And it will prepare me a lot and will help me get better," Vaughn said when asked about how he played in AAU ball. "I thought it was a real good experience for me and as a team."

With some off time Vaughn is spending a lot of time in the gym working by himself, and there are a few things in particular he is working on.

"I'm trying to improve my ball handling so I can create my own shot more and so I'm not so dependent on the guards giving me the ball. My jump shot, post moves, I'm trying to get some better post moves, as well as work on my endurance and my stamina."

With so many schools on him, the next step in his recruitment is to begin taking visits. Vaughn has already un-officially visited North Carolina State, North Carolina, and Duke and is planning a visit to Wake Forest.

"I'm thinking about Wake Forest. I think I might be going to Wake Forest two weeks from now," Vaughn said on Tuesday.

Vaughn also discussed Kansas and said that there a few specific things that he likes about the Jayhawks.

"I like their style of play and I like how they said I could fit right in as a freshmen and play."

But Vaughn did make it clear that he has no favorites and would like to see the campus and get to know the coaches better before he makes any kind of decision.

"Probably the coach and the program," Vaughn responded when asked what would be the biggest factor in his recruitment. "Location is not really a big deal to me. I have to get along with the coach, and if he likes me as a person not just as a basketball player. Also if they will help me get better and get me to the next level."

Vaughn said he would like to wait until next summer to make his decision.

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