Camp Amato: Thursday News and Notes

RALEIGH, NC -- Amato's thoughts on today's practice, potential redshirts, and other notes are highlighted today.

Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers
After acknowledging the offense's strong play in Wednesday's morning practice, Wolfpack head coach Chuck Amato mentioned today that the "O" had turnover problems, an obvious concern for NC State.

"We did a little hitting today," Amato said. "Good effort, good energy... too many turnovers. Which bodes good for one side, and doesn't for the other.

"Those are one of the things we've talked about. Win the turnover margin... win the turnover margin and no foolish penalties and everything else will work itself out.

Amato did acknowledge that the defense played a role in some of the turnovers, but with three freshmen tailbacks and two sophomores handling the majority of carries on the first day of live practice, inexperience could have also played a role.

"A lot of them were being forced, but I'll have to look at them on film to see all of them," he said. "A lot of them we were really working hard on stripping the ball. I think the majority of them were carelessness, and now again we've got some young people toting the leather."

"It was the first time we went full on a couple of drills... like I said the energy was there but we've just got to keep getting better."

No Such Thing As Redshirting
Once again NC State landed a stellar recruiting class this year and several incoming freshmen have already impressed their teammates with their play. But, it is still too early to determine if any freshmen will redshirt or see the field during their first season.

"Very too early," Amato said when asked if he's considering any redshirts. "That was our sixth practice today and the first time we hit. We'll do two scrimmages before we even think about mentioning that.

"I tell them all there is no such thing as redshirting. The only red shirt you have to worry about is our home game because we are going to wear them."

Three freshmen caught Amato's attention today with their effort, and he singled out one tailback in particular.

"All three of those freshmen running backs," Amato said. "I'll tell you what, remember the name Jamelle Eugene. He's pretty good."

Eugene, a 5-foot-10, 200-pound tailback from Naples, Florida, was actually recruited to play cornerback at NC State, but after the first six practices he is still in the mix for playing time at tailback with junior Reggie Davis, sophomores Bobby Washington and Darrell Blackman, and fellow freshmen Andre Brown and Toney Baker.

Parting Shots
Quarterback Jay Davis continues to impress Amato with his leadership. "He's taken that upon himself along with the rest of the seniors," Amato said. "I'm very impressed with the way the seniors are handling our football team right now."

NC State will conclude its first two-a-day with an evening practice this afternoon. The Wolfpack is scheduled to practice again tomorrow evening, but may move the practice to the morning due to the weather.

When asked to name two freshman who have caught his attention, sophomore tailback Darrell Blackman emphatically stated tailback Andre Brown and wide receiver Geron James. "I think he's going to be special," Blackman said in reference to James, a 6-foot-5 wideout from Wilmington, NC.

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