'06 Focus: James Boyd

OL James Boyd has not received a lot of recruiting publicity but the potential is certainly there for this prospect to blossom in 2005.

James Boyd from Clearwater (Fla) Countryside High School has been a virtual unknown on the recruiting scene this summer. However, there's a solid chance that Boyd could become a household name for fans of numerous schools as the year unfolds.

At 6–3, 275 pounds, Boyd will begin his second year as a full time starter for head coach John Davis. Davis recently told Pack Pride that Boyd is big time player waiting to explode.

"James is not quite as tall as Seaver (Brown), but he's more athletic," said Davis. "We're starting to play him on the defensive side as well. Now, we play him at right tackle, but I think when he gets to school I think he's either a center or guard. He's a very athletic kid. He played his freshman year on the JV team and then he got into some academic problems and didn't play as a sophomore at all and then came back last year as a junior and, if he ever just lets it go, he's going to be absolutely awesome.

"I remember this spring, FSU and a couple of other coaches, UNC was one of them, they said, as athletic as he is he might be a LB as well as he bends his knees and can move. He was a basketball player. In fact, we had a picnic this weekend and he was playing basketball and I was really amazed at how swift and agile he is on the basketball court. He can really run. He may actually end up being a defensive guy in college."

One factor that may be hindering some interest in Boyd is uncertainties surrounding his academic situation. Davis stated that he though Boyd would ultimately meet the requirements to qualify as a freshman.

"He has not taken the test yet," he said. "He's going to take it in October so we'll know more then. Now, he doesn't have as many offers as Seaver does and I think that's one of the reasons but I think he'll be okay and he can make it."

As for college interest, it appears a couple of in-state rivals are keeping a close eye on Boyd's progress.

"UNC offered him," said Davis. "NC State offered him early, but I don't know if they've backed off because they seem to be slow playing him right now. But then he's got Louisville and Temple and schools like that on him.

"I think a lot of people are in a wait and see situation with him."

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