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RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met the media today prior to the "Day of Champions" and here is the complete audio of Amato's press conference.

Chuck Amato (35:04)

"They have to work on keeping me happy... and us happy. There's only one football on the field."

"I think one of the big things that we have learned is that the effort has been unparalled after ten practices to what I can remember over the last five years. That's truly an accomplishment because the effort has always been there."

"Especially offensively... we are getting everybody to go to the football and go to the whistle... on both sides of the football."

"I think the other thing I've been so impressed with about this time is the leadership our seniors have shown. It's their team. Obviously they have got to show great leadership, and they've been doing an oustanding job of that really."

"I think that when you are building, every year is important."

"I do go into Winston-Salem. I go into every place in this state. I really do. There is such a misconception. I go in and I look at people that I feel can help us win now. We've recruited linebackers from Winston-Salem... they've gone elsewhere. I can't hit them with a sting gun."

"The fact that we don't recruit in this state.. talk about leading the country in total defense last year, and I did a terrible job recruiting in this state. Mario is from Richlands... I think that's in North Carolina. The other end, Manny Lawson, is from down there right outside of Goldsboro... I think that's in North Carolina. Tank and/or DeMario are from Fayetteville and Greensboro. The last time I looked at a map that's there. McCargo is from Virginia, and he's not too far from the North Carolina state line... I can keep going about that. The starting two corners last year were from the state, the one backup was from the state, and I do a terrible job recruiting in this state... just an awful job of recruiting in this state. I don't understand it, I really, really don't. Unless Fayetteville is in Florida, Richlands is in Ohio, or Goldsboro is in Arkansas. We recruit a bunch of people. I can't make them come here."

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