Recap: MTPD/Day Of Champions

If you were busy the past couple of days and missed our coverage of Meet the Pack Day and the Day of Champions, here is a recap of the audio, photos, etc... from the Pack Pride staff.

Meet The Pack Day/Day Of Champions Recap

  • Chuck Amato Audio (w/Quotes)

    "I do go into Winston-Salem. I go into every place in this state. I really do. There is such a misconception. I go in and I look at people that I feel can help us win now. We've recruited linebackers from Winston-Salem... they've gone elsewhere. I can't hit them with a sting gun."

    "The fact that we don't recruit in this state.. talk about leading the country in total defense last year, and I did a terrible job recruiting in this state. Mario is from Richlands... I think that's in North Carolina. The other end, Manny Lawson, is from down there right outside of Goldsboro... I think that's in North Carolina. Tank and/or DeMario are from Fayetteville and Greensboro. The last time I looked at a map that's there. McCargo is from Virginia, and he's not too far from the North Carolina state line... I can keep going about that. The starting two corners last year were from the state, the one backup was from the state, and I do a terrible job recruiting in this state... just an awful job of recruiting in this state. I don't understand it, I really, really don't. Unless Fayetteville is in Florida, Richlands is in Ohio, or Goldsboro is in Arkansas. We recruit a bunch of people. I can't make them come here."

  • Wolfpack Freshmen Audio (w/Quotes)

    NC State freshmen had a chance to meet the media today for the first time and here is audio from Toney Baker, Geron James, Curtis Crouch, and Levin Neal.

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