Q&A: FS Miguel Scott

Pack Pride talks with FS Miguel Scott about fall camp and the competition at the FS spot.

Miguel Scott was a highly-touted defensive back that helped continue NC State's well-established pipeline to Killian High School in Miami, Fla. The sophomore safety will likely become a huge cog in the Wolfpack's defensive back rotation and we caught up with him recently for a Q&A session.

How has camp gone for you so far?

Right now camp is going great. Before the summer I was able to put on a little weight and some muscle. I'm just competing for a starting job at safety, and we're all doing good. We're competing. Everyone's doing good, and it's been a good camp.

What guys are you out there competing with for a position?

Right now we're doing like a left safety and a right safety so, you've got me, J.J. [Jones], DaJuan [Morgan], Garland [Heath], J.C. Neal... we're all back there competing.

How fierce is the competition for that safety spot?

We all love each other. There's no fighting, no bickering. We're all getting an equal set of reps just to show who is better. Right now, we're all doing good. Coach Diaz is not sure who's going to be starting but we'll all be in the rotation. Come out there Sept 4th, and you'll see who's starting.

Much has been made about the Killian connection. Are you, Bobby Washington and Stephen Tulloch carrying on the tradition?

First off, I want to say good luck to Pat and Maddox. Those boys came a long ways with us out of high school. You know, me, Stephen and Bobby, we're going to carry the torch. We're going to keep the Killian connection strong.

Why is it that so many good players come out of Killian?

You know south Florida has a lot of talent. Killian coach Billy Rolle, he just stresses technique. He stresses good attitude. I think attitude is the main reason you see so many good players come out of Killian.

What is the difference in coaching styles between Reggie Herring and Steve Dunlap?

Coach Herring, he was more of a loud person. He would let you know what you're doing wrong right there on the spot. But as far as coach Dunlap, he evaluates everything and then he waits until the end of it to give you the outcome with what he thinks is going wrong or right.

What's your impressions of the defensive line?

Well, you know, as a defensive back, I love the defensive line. They make our job a lot easier. Especially those boys we've got up there. They make our job a lot easier. They're so fast, so strong. I love our d-line.

Talk about the new group of running backs that joined the Wolfpack this year.

They're all low runners. They're all powerful and explosive, and I'm glad they are ours. They're all good to me because I didn't think they could come into practice and cause all the ruckus they have.

Have you met Andre Brown on the field one-on one-yet?

It's funny you mentioned that because twice at practice we met head-to-head. One time was out of bounds, and the other time he kind of had his way with me. The whole defense was behind him and they jumped on his back, and I tried to hit him but the whole defense just carried me over. I'm glad to have him. He's a powerful runner.

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