Pack Pride's Top 25 List

Pack Pride presents The Top 25 List. This feature gives a detailed listing of players interested in NC State and they are ranked according to their interest in the Wolfpack based on information gathered by the staff at Pack Pride.

Pack Pride presents The Top 25 List. This feature gives a detailed listing of players interested in NC State and they are ranked according to their interest in the Wolfpack based on information gathered by the staff at Pack Pride. This list is in no way connected with any actual recruiting list of the NC State coaching staff. All players on this board have received a scholarship offer from the Pack unless specified otherwise. Note- viewed best with WP IconicSymbolsA font set.

Pack Pride Rating Legend

100- Verbal Commitment

95-99 NCS Lean

90-94 NCS in top 2 or 3

85-89 NCS in top 5 or 6

75-84 NCS has work to do

1. iii DT Gavin Smith....6-4, 270 pounds, 4.9/40...Wakefield (NC) HS

Rating...100...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Offers...NCS

Notes...Smith was NC State's first commit for the class of 2006. Recruited as a DT by NCS. Was scheduled to camp at Duke, UNC and Ohio State over the summer but has stayed firm in his pledge to the Wolfpack.

2. iii PK Nathan Franklin...5-11, 160 pounds, 4.6/40...Hoggard HS, Wilmington, NC

Rating...100...NCS Recruiter...Williams...Offers...NCS, UTEP

Notes...Small player but powerful leg. Was offered by the Pack after camp and committed shortly thereafter. Scouts believe he has tremendous amount of upside.

3. iii PK Josh Czajkowski...5-10, 185 pounds...W Springfield HS, Springfield, Va

Rating...100...NCS Recruiter...Portee...Offers...NCS

Notes...Another player that impressed enough at camp to earn an offer. Has a LB's mentality playing kicker. Strongest attribute is ability to stay cool under pressure.

4. i i i i QB Justin Burke...6-2, 195 pounds, 4.7/40...Lexington (Ky) Catholic HS

Rating...100...NCS Recruiter...Trestman...Offers...NCS, LOU, UK, TENN, NW, PUR

Notes...One of just 4 offered QB's on the Pack's board. Burke is considered a huge get for the Pack and will now give them a marquee name to show to WR prospects. Coach Trestman was key in swaying Burke to Raleigh.

5. i i i WR Owen Spencer...6-2, 165 pounds, 4.45/40...N Brunswick HS, Leland, NC

Rating...98...NCS Recruiter...Williams...Offers...NCS, VT

Notes...NCS was first to offer and leads over VT. Some feel it is just a matter of time before Spencer commits to the Wolfpack. Although slightly built now, Spencer is probably the best true WR in the state this year. Should be on hand for VT game.

6. i i i WR/ATH LaMarcus Bond...5-8, 175 pounds, 4.4/40...Hertford County HS, Ahoskie, NC

Rating...96...NCS Recruiter...Diaz...Offers...NCS, UVA, VT, CLEM, USC, ECU

Notes...Another fantastic athlete that has been compared favorably to Tramain Hall. Appeared to be an NCS lean early on but has backed off of naming favorites recently. However, we feel State is very near the top of Bond's list. Should be on hand for VT game.

7. i i i ATH DeAndre Morgan...5-10, 160 pounds, 4.4/40...Suncoast HS, Riviera Beach, Fla

Rating...94...NCS Recruiter...Stroud....Offers...NCS, OM, WVU, SYR, CLEM, VANDY, RUT, USF

Notes...As things stand now, the Pack should be in fine shape to land Morgan later in the year. The fly in the ointment could be whether or not Miami decides to offer. Should the Canes do so, that could create an interesting battle. Morgan may get a shot at WR but may be a better college prospect at CB- only time will tell.

8. i i i OL Seaver Brown...6-5, 305 pounds, 5.1/40...Countryside HS, Clearwater, Fla

Rating...93...NCS Recruiter...Dixon...Offers...Approximately 20

Notes...NC State was one of Brown's first offers and have forged into his top two. Made an unofficial visit to State over the summer and enjoyed the trip. Pack has ties through head coach John Davis- father of Pack QB Jay Davis. USC leads the Pack at the current time.

9. i i i i S Darius Gaither...6-0, 200 pounds, 4.5/40...Fairfield Central HS, Winnsboro, SC

Rating...93...NCS Recruiter...Portee...Offers...NCS, USC, CLEM, VT, TENN, UNC & others

Notes....Gaither visited NC State for junior day and made an impression that has lasted for months. We feel the Pack is a major player and is in solid position for an official visit later in the year. Gaither is denying any faves although he listed the Pack at the top earlier in the year.

10. i i i i LB Orlando Farrow...6-3, 229 pounds, 4.6/40...Lackawanna JC Scranton, Pa

Rating...93...NCS Recruiter...Williams...Offers...NCS, KSU, MSU

Notes...Farrow's rating is based on potential and could go up or down. Coaches rave about his ability and he has a college-type body now. Cousin is Littleton Wright and Farrow has already made an unofficial visit to NC State. The Pack probably holds the upper hand currently according to Lackawanna head coach Mark Duda.

11. i i i LB Matt Wright...6-2, 210 pounds, 4.55/40...Phoebus HS, Hampton, Va

Rating...92...NCS Recruiter...Diaz...Offers...UVA, VT, NCS, MD, UNC, MSU, WVU & others

Notes...Wright is a major target for NCS at a position of critical need. Landing Wright would also give the Pack a presence in Hampton which is something they would desperately like to establish. Smart money appears to be on VT (brother plays for Hokies). However, we think NCS and UNC could be serious players. Will be on hand for VT game.

12. i i i WR Jason Simmons...6-6, 200 pounds, 4.65/40...Matawan HS, Aberdeen, NJ

Rating...92...NCS Recruiter...Barry...Offers...LOU, NCS

Notes...NCS and LOU are only offers and those two appear to be at the top. Simmons also hopes to play basketball in college. The Pack looks solid to get an official visit later in the year. Should Simmons commit to the Pack, he would be State's first commitment from NJ under Amato.

13. i i i TE John Lubischer...6-4, 250 pounds, 4.7/40...Boca Raton (Fla) HS

Rating....92...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Offers...Duke, NCS, RUT

Notes...Lubischer says he's favoring Duke and NC State. He unofficially visited State over the summer. One team to keep an eye on is Boston College should they offer. Will likely make official visit to State in December if he has not committed elsewhere.

14. i i i i DT Adam Patterson...6-3, 255 pounds, 4.85/40...Richlands NE HS, Columbia, SC

Rating...91...NCS Recruiter...Portee...Offers...20+

Notes...Impossible to get a read on Patterson but State has been there since the beginning. South Carolina is probably a major force to be reckoned with. Other teams solidly in the race are OKL, VT and AUB. Patterson will likely be on hand for VT game and that initial impression could be huge for NCS.

15. i i i DE Tavares Brown...6-2, 250 pounds, 4.65/40...Richmond County HS, Rockingham, NC

Rating...91...NCS Recruiter...Williams...Offers...NCS, MD

Notes...Has been a hard to get a solid grasp on where Brown stands because he has been difficult to reach. We feel like State is a major player as is Maryland and Virginia. Should Tennessee offer, they could become the favorite.

16. i i i i OL Alex Stadler...6-6, 300 pounds, 5.2/40...Liberty HS, Bealeton, Va

Rating...90...NCS Recruiter...Portee...Offers...20+

Notes...Stadler made an early trip to NC State for junior day and was offered by the Pack a few weeks later. State has solid connections to Stadler through OL Kalani Heppe. To date, Stadler still maintains a favorite's list that includes NC State, Alabama, Connecticut, Duke, Florida State, Michigan, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame and Boston College. We feel fairly confident that the Pack will make the cut when Stadler narrows to five schools in September.

17. i i i i WR Greg Mathews...6-3, 190 pounds, 4.5/40...Edgewater HS, Orlando, Fla

Rating....90...NCS Recruiter...Dixon....Offers...NCS, OM, MICH, OSU, LSU & others

Notes...Currently, NC State is in Mathews top four but probably trails LSU, Michigan and Miami. We don't think Miami is a major option currently as Mathews told us he's not hearing much from the Canes. If their offer becomes solid, he'll likely stay in Miami. We think State is in line to get an official visit. Mathews was a teammate of current DE Quinton Brown.

18. i i i i WR Andrey Baskin...6-4, 200 pounds, 4.6/40...Woodrow Wilson HS, Camden, NJ

Rating...90...NCS Recruiter...Barry...Offers...20+

Notes...Baskin is a major target for the Pack at WR and looks to be solidly in his top four along with Syracuse, Tennessee and Ohio State. Baskin has talked about an official visit with NC State on the weekend of Sept 4th. However, it would be much more favorable for the Pack if he came for an unofficial visit for that game and made an official visit later in the year. Tennessee may be a slight, quiet leader currently but the Pack's need at WR could be a big draw.


19. i i i i DT Aleric Mullins...6-3, 295 pounds, 4.9/40...E Wake HS, Wendell, NC

Rating....90...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Offers...12+

Notes...Early on, one E Wake coach told us he wouldn't be surprised to see Mullins end up at NC State. However, it seems as though State may have slipped some since that time and now, it's anyone's guess as to where he may end up. Oklahoma is a childhood fave and he had a very good camp at UNC. The Pack must make a good impression when they get him to a game this fall.

20. i i i S Darin Baldwin...6-0, 170 pounds, 4.5/40...S Dade HS, Homestead, Fla

Rating...90...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Offers...FLA, NCS, UGA, CLEM & others

Notes...Pack is solidly in Baldwin's top four but probably trails Florida and Miami in the early going. State does look solid for an official visit and their chances will hinge greatly on that visit and, most likely, what kind of season they have in 2005.

21. i i i i RB Josh Adams...5-11, 170 pounds, 4.5/40...Cary (NC) HS

Rating...89...NCS Recruiter...Trestman?....Offers...NCS, UNC, VT, TENN, USC, OSU & others

Notes...It would have to be considered a huge longshot for NC State to land Adams as a TB, his preferred position. It is likely State will host Adams on several visits this year. Unfortunately, Adam's recruiting may boil down to which school can do the best job of selling what Adams wants to hear. We think he could contribute as a freshman at the slot position. It appears likely that Adams will stay within a geographic region of states that border NC. Any school within that area is a possibility. Will visit for VT game.

22. i i i WR Dominic Brown...6-5, 185 pounds, 4.55/40...

Rating...89...NCS Recruiter...Dixon...Offers...NCS, MIA, FSU, FLA, USC, NEB & others

Notes...At one time it appeared Brown had transferred to a school in Georgia but then, reports had him coming back to Florida so we're not sure where he's playing in 2005. Where ever he ends up, Brown will be a force. Currently the in-state powers, Miami and FSU hold the upper hand but State is a possibility for an official visit which could give them some fight in the battle.

23. i i i WR Preston Parker...6-0, 180 pounds, 4.5/40...Atlantic HS, Delray Beach, Fla

Rating...89...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Offers...NCS, UNC, RUT, PITT, LOU & others

Notes...Another talented Florida two-way standout being recruited as a S and WR. Speed may be a slight concern at WR so S may be ultimate destination. It's not clear which way State is recruiting him currently. He lists the big three, UNC, NCS, PITT and LOU as possible visit destinations.

24. i i i LB Emmanuel Cook...5-9, 200 pounds, 4.54/40...Palm Beach Gardens (Fla) HS

Rating...88...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Offers...10+

Notes...The Pack doesn't shy away from under-sized LB's and Cook fits that mold perfectly. Despite having prototypical size, there are few LB's in S Florida more productive. NCS offered early and looks to be solidly in Cook's top five along with UNC, RUT, USC & OM.

25. i i i i LB Brandon Spikes...6-4, 235 pounds, 4.65/40...Crest HS, Shelby, NC

Rating...88...NCS Recruiter...Portee...Offers...20+

Notes...Early on it appeared Spikes was all but signed, sealed and delivered to one of the traditional, out of state power programs. Schools like Miami, Texas, Florida, LSU and Oklahoma are certainly still a major threat but Spikes did appear to be more receptive to checking out the in-state programs, UNC and NC State, over the summer. The Pack has solid connections to Crest through the head coach and former players. However, a huge season may be the Pack's best recruiting tool. Scheduled to be on hand for VT game.

Others to watch

26. i i i LB Kevin Alexander...6-3, 210 pounds, 4.65/40...Union County HS, Lake Butler, Fla

Notes...Favors AUB over MD, UNC, TENN, LOU and NCS. Unless NCS picks it up, they may be on the outside looking in for an OV.

27. i i i OL Marcus Gilbert...6-6, 285 pounds, 5.0/40...St Thomas Aquinas HS, Ft Lauderdale, Fla

Notes...Currently favors the big three, LSU, OKL and NCS. Potential is there for Gilbert to move up this list.

28. i i i OL James Boyd...6-3, 280 pounds, 4.8/40...Countryside HS, Clearwater, Fla

Notes...Pack is clearly in the race but will likely wait for grades to clear up before going full throttle. Could play DL as well.

29. i i i i S Tervaris Johnson...6-2, 210 pounds, 4.5/40...Monsignor Pace HS, Miami, Fla

Notes...Favors MIA and may already be a quiet verbal for the Canes. Should something happen and he not end up at MIA, NCS looks to be a very viable option.

30. i i i WR Darrell Davis...6-5, 195 pounds, 4.6/40...Pasco HS, Dade City, Fla

Notes...FSU, USC and USF lead over UNC and NCS. If State pushes, they should be able to secure an official visit.

31. i i i i DE Aaron Maybin...6-3, 215 pounds, 4.65/40...Mt Hebron HS, Ellicot City, Md

Notes...Impossible to get a read on where NCS stands since Maybin is still looking at about 15 schools including Penn State, Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Florida, Florida State, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Georgia, Auburn and LSU.

32. i i i i LB Jarrell Miller...6-3, 235 pounds, 4.6/40...Highland Springs (Va) HS

Notes...Miller is another prospect that has yet to narrow his list down to a final five. He's considering Florida, Miami, LSU, Tennessee, Nebraska, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, UVA, Maryland, Penn State, and NC State.

33. i i i i LB Colin McCarthy...6-1, 215 pounds, 4.5/40...Clearwater (Fla) Catholic HS

Notes...McCarthy's interest in NCS is not known currently but he is considering the Pack along with Penn State, Miami, GT, FSU and West Virginia. This could be a player that State makes a serious run for.

34. i i i DE Marcus Anthony...6-2, 255 pounds, 4.9/40...Patrick Henry HS, Ashland, Va

Notes...NCS is Anthony's only major D-1 offer, yet the Pack trails favorite Virginia, Maryland and Michigan. State looks solid to get a visit. Grades may be an issue.

35. i i i i WR Kenny Britt...6-4, 190 pounds, 4.5/40...Bayonne (NJ) HS

Notes...We must admit, we know nothing about which schools Britt is considering. All we can tell you is that he is an elite wideout that State wants in the worst kind of way.

36. ii i i DL John Graves...6-3, 250 pounds, 4.8/40...Meadowbrook HS, Richmond, Va

Notes...Graves unofficially visited State last year with Jonathan Hannah. State has been on the outside looking in for most of the recruiting year so it will likely take a big year and a successful visit to get State seriously in the race. Other schools of contention are Virginia, Virginia Tech and Georgia.

37. i i i RB Brandon Minor...6-0, 215 pounds, 4.6/40...Varina HS, Richmond, Va

Notes...Minor is very similar to Graves. However, the Pack does have a connection through former teammate Michael Cash. Could be a super FB or LB. Likes MIA, FLA, VT, OSU and LSU in addition to NCS.

38. i i i OL Kevin Young...6-5, 315 pounds, 5.3/40...Clearwater (Fla) Catholic HS

Notes...NCS is in top five but will find it tough to overcome FSU and USC.

39. i i i i i QB Tim Tebow...6-3, 215 pounds, 4.65/40...Neese HS, Jacksonville, Fla

Notes...Well, we don't even know if Tebow is still a possibility since the commit of Justin Burke but we're listing him for the time being. Most fill FLA the team to beat while others have hinted that BAMA will get him.

40. i i i OL Kareem Crowell...6-5, 285 pounds, 5.15/40...Godby HS, Tallahassee, Fla

Notes...Currently favors AUB over UNC and LOU. NCS, CLEM, UGA and FLA also under consideration.

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