Pack Making Play for JUCO LB

NC State has their eyes on LB Orlando Farrow from Lackawanna Junior College. We've got the latest on this rising star and where the Pack may fit into his plans.

NC State has had success at Lackawanna Junior College in Scranton, Pa. Last year the Pack reeled in DE Littleton Wright and OL Garrett Kline. Those recruiting victories may also pave the way for yet another of Lackawanna's star prospects to make the trek to Raleigh next year.

LB Orlando Farrow is originally from Georgetown, Delaware where he starred as a RB and DE for Sussex Central High School. He then took his talents to tiny Wesley College but missed most of the season due to injury. Farrow then transferred to Lackawanna but did not play in 2004 due to coming up one credit short academically. Despite the lack of experience and virtually no playing time over the last two seasons, college scouts got an eyeful of Farrow this spring and apparently loved the potential they witnessed. One of those scouts was NC State CB coach Greg Williams. Lackawanna head coach Mark Duda recently told Pack Pride that Farrow may be the best LB talent he's ever coached.

"Orlando's originally from Georgetown, DE and he's certainly going to come out this semester," he said. "He is 6'3", 229, he has exceptional speed and he's exceptional athlete. He is an outside linebacker but could do both. He basically can do it all. He could play Mike if he had to. He'll play SAM for us this year. I don't know who all has offered him but lot of guys are. If they don't then they are out of their minds. We've had about 25 or 26 division one backers out of here and he is probably the best one."

At nearly 230 pounds already, one would have to wonder if Farrow's future may not lie ultimately along the defensive line. Duda admits that's possible but he thinks he's too good not to play at LB where he can take full advantage of his abilities.

"I know coach (Greg Williams) likes him - he has two types of defensive ends now," said Duda. "He has the big ole Williams kid and he has the Lawson kid now. And, of course, he has Littleton Wright who kinda reminds you more of the skinny one than the big one. But I think he is going to be a ‘backer. He is enormously sized and he is long-armed so he can rush the passer off the edge but I think he is going to be a backer and a pretty damn good one."

Farrow has applied for a medical redshirt for 2003. If that is approved he will have three years of football eligibility remaining. One thing is for sure according to Duda, Farrow will not be an academic problem.

"He didn't play last year, which is also another point, he said. "He might end up being a three year guy for everybody. Last year he was one credit short to play for us. He was a transfer from a small division three school so he didn't play football last year. There was a medical condition that he had which basically, kept him from playing. But, if you got to see him, then you know there isn't a better specimen out there.

"So the bottom line is he likes NC State because his cousin is Littleton Wright which gives Coach Williams, who is a heck of a recruiter anyway, an edge up on everybody. He is just extraordinary so he's got huge, huge upside plus he is a 3.4 student for Christ's sake. He has no issues man."

Farrow will depart Lackawanna in December and, already, numerous schools have thrown their hat in the ring. At least for the time being, it appears the Pack may have the early leg up.

"(Kansas) State walked in the spring and they offered him the second they met him," said Duda. "They watched one spring practice and it was all over. Then Michigan State and all those guys are getting involved. And now Maryland is getting involved because of his academics. So everyone is going to get involved but like I said, he only took one unofficial and that was to NC State and that was a big deal."

For now, Farrow hasn't decided on a future school but the Pack has a solid connection and he would help shore up a definite position of need for NC State.

"I don't know what he is going to do yet," said Duda. "Our first two games are going to be sent to about 30 colleges and then, of course, you know they're going to start offering. So basically I think I am going to try to get him down to five about as fast as I can and then I think those five will become three. What will probably end up happening is I will tell him to pick your three favorite ones and then he'll call the three people to make his decision but if anybody has an upper hand on Orlando it is NC State. If anybody has an edge on anybody it's them because he is so close to Littleton. Those guys are just dear, dear friends, those guys."

Should he ultimately choose the Wolfpack, Duda firmly believes State will be landing an impact player from day one.

"They have a hell of a defense to begin with and believe me he (Orlando) wouldn't slow it down any, let me put it that way," said Duda. "He doesn't need anything physically. He has every tool there is in the world. He's bright and he picks stuff up very quickly. He has that edge over most people because he is just a damn good student of it. I mean they've got a good shot and I'm sure they will get a visit on him early.

"He's the kind of kid who will be a projected starter so that's the difference with someone like him. He is not a project at all."

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