PC: Amato Talks Virginia Tech, Vaughn Towers

RALEIGH, NC -– NC State Wolfpack head coach Chuck Amato met the media today to discuss the Virginia Tech game and the new Vaughn Towers. Here's the audio from Amato's meeting with the media.

Chuck Amato Audio (30:15)

Opening Thoughts:
Before I address questions from you people, I want to take this opportunity to say... what an honor it is for me to sit in this chair in this, another new building.

To see the history right here at NC State, right here behind me. I'm a very blessed... person to be here. It's through the hard work of our boosters, our alums, and those young men that are sitting back there that have helped us. It's put NC State even further on the map.

Thoughts on Darrell Blackman earning the starting job:
He better not slip because he may not get demoted but somebody might get promoted. With that kind of competition, saying he's our #1 and we've got five #2's... he's a very versatile athlete that can make things happen... not that the other ones can't. But, they will all get their chance.

More on the running back sitation:
It's a good problem to have... that competition. You can ask [Marcus Hudson and T.J. Williams], everyday a different one does something amazing. The only thing they all have in common is everyone of them has a two in their number.

Thoughts on Dwayne Herndon:
Dwayne was reluctant obviously at first. When he played defensive tackle, he had to weigh 280 pounds. For some reason, when he went over there he thought he had to weigh 320 pounds. I don't know why, and it's taken a while for him to get back down to where he can move a little more.

He's made a great sacrifice. That was a team thing Dwayne did. To make that move in your last year... that's what you call team.

Thoughts on his seniors:
I feel, not that we haven't had it because we've had a couple of teams that have had great senior leadership, but the senior leadership that we have received from our seniors has been unmatched since I've been here. What they did the first night at a team meeting... I've never been around it. If your seniors play the best football of their career then you've got a chance.

Thoughts on facing Virginia Tech and Marcus Vick:
We know what they like to do, but what are they gonna do? When you read his measurables, and they say that Michael was 6'1 and he's 6'1, Michael weighed 218 and he weighs 217, Michael ran 4.23 and he runs 4.28. I remember playing against Michael in New Orleans with a very, very fast defensive football team and he ran by us like we were standing still. That scares me... that scares me.

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