PC: Williams, Hudson Talk Virginia Tech

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State seniors T.J. Williams and Marcus Hudson met with the media today to discuss the season opener against Virginia Tech.

T.J. Williams and Marcus Hudson Audio (19:32)

Tight End T.J. Williams
Thoughts on Virginia Tech's defense:
Virginia Tech has a good defense. Obviously, they've got a lot of guys up for awards such as [Darryl] Tapp and Jimmy Williams. It's just a thing that we've got to come out there and compete at our highest level because they are going to come at us with their all.

Thoughts on offensive guard Dwayne Herndon's emergence:
I feel like it's a good thing for Dwayne. He's been doing a great job. He's getting the offense down, and it's like things are working out for him. He's coming off the ball tremendously, and he's just giving a good effort out there. I think it was a good move for him.

Thoughts on opening on national TV against the defending ACC champions:
I feel that it's a good thing. It's a Sunday night game, it's a night time... that's primetime. We're going against the ACC champs, and if we come out and set our tone early in the season then that's going to mean a lot for us as a team.

How much has the offense improved this fall?
As a whole, we've improved tremendously. There's a lot of things we need to know in this offense and a lot of things we need to do. Everybody's being put into a position to do things in this offense.

Is the offense where it needs to be?
There's always room for improvement. You can lead the ACC and the nation in all this and that, but there's still room for improvement. As an offense we're not satisfied. I feel like if we put down the things that we need to do and focus on what we need to, everything will be complete for us.

What is the most specific area of improvement?
I can't really say. I think overall we've improved a lot. The running backs are making tremendous plays out there. We've got receivers making plays, and we've got a lot of healthy linemen. That was a factor last year, and it's a good thing we have that right now. Everybody's healthy and we're just trying to bring everything together. As long as everybody stays on their toes and do what we've got to do, I feel like this is going to be one of the greatest offenses.

Cornerback Marcus Hudson
Did facilities impact your decision to attend NC State?
My focus was more on the players that were actually here and those that were being recruited, and also the coaching staff. The facilities really didn't have an effect on me whether I go here or there. No matter where you go, if it is a university, I'm just blessed to be in a top university.

Thoughts on cornerbacks:
This year, I don't see that we've missed a beat yet. It's been the same pace as last year, and everybody's been picking it up.

Thoughts on facing Marcus Vick:
We're preparing for Virginia Tech... not necessarily Marcus Vick. Virginia Tech is a great team itself and you can't just prepare for one person in the grand scheme of things. Basically, I don't believe and the coaches don't believe we're going to get beat by just one person, so we have to prepare for Virginia Tech.

How important are special teams?
You can just go back to last year and see how the last play of the game decides who wins or loses. It came down to a missed field goal. Special teams... I can't over emphasize how special special teams are in this game.

What have you liked at on Marcus Vick?
We've been looking at footage from 2003. He moved around from quarterback to receiver. We're just trying to pick up every tendency that we [can] because he's an athlete.

Thoughts on opening on national TV against the defending ACC champions:
I believe everybody that plays football has a dream of playing on Sunday nights. It's a great opportunity, and I'm just glad to be a part of it.

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