Tulloch: 'This Is A Huge Game'

Junior linebacker Stephen Tulloch knows Sunday's game is huge for the Wolfpack. An intense player known for playing with great emotion, listen to Tulloch as he discusses the opener against Virginia Tech.

Stephen Tulloch (3:23)

Thoughts on running back situation at Virginia Tech:
They have Mike Imoh... he's 5'7 and very fast... a very respectable running back. They have Humes, who will be a junior or senior this year and a big back... something like a Greg Jones-type running back.

They have a good running back situation over there. I think Imoh's the guy. You have to really key on Imoh and what he brings to the table as a versatile running back.

Thoughts on Marcus Vick:
I've watched a lot of film, and he brings a lot to the table. To me, I think he's better than Randall. The way he runs... something like his brother. His speed is spectacular, and he's definitely a threat.

He has good receivers in Royal and those guys out there. We just can't get out of our gameplan and contain him.

Thoughts on last year's contest and if it will influence their feelings heading into the game:
We can't really think about last year. Last year is done with. They are watching film on last year and figuring out a way to not let that happen again. We've just got to go out there and do what we do.

We've got to approach the game differently because Vick is back there. Our defensive line has got to bring pressure and contain him.

Thoughts on the linebacker situation:
We're doing good... we're solid. Lerue Rumph is catching on, Oliver Hoyte is the man in the middle, and I'm handling the outside. We're coming together. After the first series, the question will be answered about how we are doing. We've just got to stay focused.

Emotions entering the season opener:
It's going to be unbelievable. My family is coming to the game and people across the country will be watching.

This game is very, very huge for North Carolina State. To have an opener against Virginia Tech, the ACC champs... BCS bowl performance last year. The atmosphere... a new press box. This is a huge game. Anybody that gets a chance to watch this game... it's going to be spectacular.

For me being out there starting as a junior, it's going to be an unbelievable feeling. We've just got to go out there and dominate the way we know how to within the system and come away with the victory.

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