Jim Henry and The Territory Join TheInsiders.com

Another Alliance Asset Leaves
To Form Dynamic Noles Coverage

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Two of the longest-standing and most respected names on the Florida State sports scene - Jim Henry and The Territory - will be joining forces to form the most inside, comprehensive and entertaining Seminole site on the World Wide Web.

Henry, who will join the network on April 20, has been covering FSU sports since 1986, most recently as senior writer for the Osceola News, an independent weekly publication. Now the Florida State site for TheInsiders.com, the Territory (TheTerritory.org) is the oldest Seminole sports community on the Web.

"This is a major turn of events," said Jim Heckman, the CEO of TheInsiders.com. "After Landmark purchased Warchant from Gene Williams, Alliance Sports planned to merge Williams with FSU's most experienced and credible news source, Jim Henry. Now, not only has TheInsiders.com picked up one of the top college sports writers in the country, we also simultaneously signed Warchant's No. 1 competitor to partner with him."

At TheInsiders.com, The Territory replaces Warchant, whose publisher ironically began on the Web as a member of The Territory's online community. Jeff Dalton founded Seminole Territory in 1995, when he merged with two other FSU communities. Dalton was joined shortly afterward by Lynn Gillis, a programmer who wrote the site's original message board script and helped with recruiting coverage.

Seminole Territory became The Territory in the fall of 2001. Its mission, Dalton said, has been to build "a comfortable online home for Seminole fans. We've done this by always trying to put people first. It's always been more about getting to know people than claiming to be any sort of news source."

That will change - in a big way - with the addition of Henry. A 24-year veteran of the newspaper business, Henry was the Osceola's senior writer for six years and has served the past 16 months as both general manager and senior writer. Henry spent the majority of his newspaper career at The Tampa Tribune, where he was a sports writer from 1982 to 1995. He also worked for the Tampa Times as well as the St. Petersburg Times for three years before joining the Tribune.

Henry also has served as a sports correspondent for a number of state newspapers in recent years, including the Tampa Tribune, West Palm Beach Post, Pensacola News Journal and Miami Herald.

"Jim is a person uniquely qualified to cover Florida State athletics," said Rob Wilson, FSU assistant athletic director in charge of media and public relations. "He has the trust and confidence of just about everyone associated with the program and that can be rare. He has been very successful in getting the in-depth interviews with our student-athletes and coaches that produce stories that I learn something from everyday. Perhaps the best compliment you can pay a writer is that even those of us who work with the programs every day like to read his stuff."

Dalton added, "We believe Jim Henry is the final piece to the puzzle that will take us from fan hangout status, to a legit player in the Seminole sports reporting arena. During our seven years operating a successful fan site, we knew we had the talent to put the site together and to cultivate the community, but we weren't sure we could provide the users with the news they crave. We can't wait until our community learns of the addition of Jim Henry to the staff."

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