Locker Room Audio: Chuck Amato

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met the media following the loss to Virginia Tech and here's a sampler of what he had to say.

Chuck Amato (14:14)

"What more can I say other than the fact that it's almost deja vu. We have stressed penalties and turnovers more than anybody in the country could... silly penalties that really, really cost us big."

"Our kids didn't quit. Our kids did not quit."

"There were two good football teams out there. Somebody had to lose. Unfortunately it was us."

"We've changed approaches [on penalties]. Can you help me? Give me a suggestion. Email me...I don't have email. Give me a suggestion. I don't know if A.J. Davis has had a penalty called on him in three years. I really don't... What do you tell a kid that has never been penalized before. I'm open. I don't have all the answers. My eraser wears out before my pencil does just like yours."

"I was possessed to do it. I couldn't wait. It was killing me to do it. We actually took that five-yard penalty... that was taken intentionally."

"They didn't throw the ball too much. You're not going to get ten sacks against a team everytime you go out there. We did basically the same things. They kept a couple of more people in to protect. They've got good coaches over there too."

"There are so many good things that happened in this game. I think just the mere fact of the way Jay Davis has handled the team, the way he's been a leader, the way he's been the general out there."

"You talk about a defense? That's a pretty salty defense right there themselves now. I wonder how many times they are going to give up 438 yards of total offense. But, you know I hate to throw stats out because stats are for losers."

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