'Every Game Is A Different Story'

Wolfpack offensive coordinator Marc Trestman talked with the media today via teleconference and here is a sampler of what the NC State assistant had to say.

How do you keep the running backs involved and keep the offense working?
We've got an extra week here, so we're just going to continue to try and develop the younger guys and get them work this week and see where we go from there.

Can you assess the play of the tailbacks?
I thought overall, the tailbacks played pretty well. I thought Darrell [Blackman] did some good things. I thought his work was pretty good, obviously he had the fumble which was critical. We carried the ball a little loose there, we've got to protect the football. But overall, I thought they played hard... they pass-protected pretty well.

How about the offensive line?
Overall, I thought our inside three guys, for being new together with John, Dwayne, and Leroy, I thought they worked very well together. I thought overall we played pretty good, but I think we can play a lot better.

On the illegal formation penalties and the delay of game penalties, is that just a product of the early season or is that an offensive issue?
The illegal formations were only illegal because we had two guys not lined up, they were two senior players, not lined up on the line of scrimmage. That's something that is simply concentration things, not things that are a result of a new offense or being complicated. I think those are easily correctable there. We had an offsides penalty down in the red zone which was critical. That was a cadence thing as much as anything, and that can be cleaned up.

You could twist it anyway you want it, but the mistakes we made were really about us and about doing the right thing, and I think they are correctable there. The delay of game was just a thing that was really very, very close, and that's correctable. I always take accountability for delay of games, something that I think won't happen very often.

Jay connected with eight receivers. With the way this offense is constructed, is it the kind to keep the most receivers happy?
It's not about keeping anybody happy, it's about moving the football. That's what we're going to try to do with it each and every week, so I think it's a good thing when the ball is spread around. It means from a defensive standpoint that you're going to have to defend against everything. You don't go into it with the idea that you're trying to please anybody, you're trying to move the football and score touchdowns. We've got to do a better job of that because we didn't do that in this game.

Were you pleased with Jay's play and does the fact that he hit so many receivers mean he has a good grasp of the offense?
I think that he does have a good grasp of the offense. It's not an easy offense to learn in six months, and he's done a great job. I thought just the demeanor of some of his throws, and he moved in the pocket well to find completions. I just thought overall it was a very good start for him.

Coach you passed the ball 43 times and ran the ball 29 times. Is that the kind of balance you want to see?
I never really worry about the balance; however many times we throw it or run it. It's just never part of my thinking during a game. As I told the guys, my only concern is that we protect the football, and we didn't... we lost the game. That's the only stat that I ever talk about with the players. I don't talk about how many catches or how many runs or anything because they don't matter. The only thing that matters is protecting the football, we didn't do that, and ultimately we lost the game.

Thoughts on the play of Reggie Davis:
Darrell and Reggie got most of the work, as I said. They both played very hard.

What were your first impressions in coming back to college football from the pros?
It was kind of surreal out there, it really was. The timeouts were long and players were huddled out all over the sidelines. That was really different. It seemed like we were waiting forever for that, and halftime was forever. So thoske types of things were very different.

The pregame was different in terms of how that was handled. It was really fun being out there, and it was different. The crowd was great.

It was incredibly noisy on the field. It was hard to hear anybody talk. I know the players were having a hard time... even Jay was having a hard time communicating the plays and that doesn't happy very often in a home game where you've got those kind of problems. But, we worked through them. I thought the sidelines and the way the players handled themselves was great. It was certainly different, but it was fun.

Thoughts on the play of T.J. Williams:
Like I said, I talked to the players about this, every game is a different story. Sometimes you look at one game, and it appears this way. Then the next week, it can be totally different. T.J. had six catches, and there were a couple of drops in there. He could have conceivably had eight. They were tough catches, but catches that I'm sure he would say he would have caught or should have caught.

I don't know how this thing is going to work itself out in terms of balance or who is going to get the ball. We didn't make enough plays on offense. We spread the ball around... we didn't make enough plays, we didn't make enough big plays. We had a half-a-dozen gains of plus 20, but we didn't have any explosive plays. Those are the things we've got to continue to work on, and put ourselves in the best position to do that.

Ultimately, if you look on the other side and how they played the game, they played the game differently. They didn't turn the ball over, and that's what we've got to do. We've got to protect the ball. We got really two turnovers at critical times, and we had two redzone penalties that set us back and inhibited our progress into the end zone. Those are things that didn't have anything to do with Virginia Tech.

It was a very, very, very good defense. I was really impressed with the size of their players, the speed of their players, the way they hit. They were extremely impressive.

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