Amato: 'There's Only One Football'

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met the media today following practice.

Chuck Amato (7:39)

Thoughts on getting more running backs into the game:
We haven't figured it out. There's only one football. It's very difficult. Some of them aren't ready. Some of them are freshmen. Five of them are freshmen and sophomores.

They are getting closer and that's part of it. We don't want to hurt their confidence by getting into a game and doing something wrong.

The biggest thing with running backs is when you hand them the football, boy are they pretty. They know right where to go. They head north-south, and they go try to score a touchdown. It's when you don't hand it to them. How do they play without the football?

I want them to be ready. They can't go anywhere. The NFL can't take anybody until they have been in college for three years.

What is the hardest thing for young defensive linemen to learn early in their career?
Fight... intensity. It's not high school. Maturity is so important in the trenches. It's so important.

How is Demario Pressley coming along?
He gets better everyday. Then sometimes he will revert. When you're lined up inside the box and inside that box with people coming at you this way, this way... every angle possible, it's scary in there. It takes a while, I don't care how good they are.

Demario... if we had a million of him we'd be in good shape.

Thoughts on Brian Clark having confidence coming into the season:
He had confidence coming into it. He's a senior and a confident young man. He had some catches, and again there is only one football. And you know what? They know that. Mature people know that. They really do.

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