McCargo: 'I Think We Can Play A Lot Better'

Junior defensive tackle John McCargo was dominant in NC State's opener against Virginia Tech, finishing the game with eight tackles including two for a loss. McCargo talked with Pack Pride following practice and here is the audio from the interview.

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John McCargo (6:53)

Impressions on the game against Virginia Tech:
We played okay, I think we can play a lot better. After looking at film we saw all of the mistakes we made... we can stay a little bit lower and use more technique.

I think we got knocked around a little bit, but I think as a line we played okay. We've got a chance to play a lot better though.

Were you tired in the fourth quarter?
I don't think I was tired in the fourth quarter because we're conditioned out here to get through things like that.

I just think penalties... we've just got to cut back on the penalties. You can't win when you've got 105 yards in penalties.

The hardest transition to make coming in as a freshman?
Just learning the game. It's a lot faster than high school and it's more technique. It's all about using your hands and going hard every play.

How was it facing a guy like Marcus Vick?
Wow... he's a fast guy. We played him, we knew he could run a little bit and we tried to contain the run. He hadn't played in a year so we figured he would be a little rusty, but we just tried to contain him and not let him get in a zone.

In the fourth quarter, he had a couple of big runs, but for the most part I think we contained him pretty well.

Thoughts on defensive rotation against Virginia Tech:
We have great depth, but the coaches just wanted to go with experience. In the situation we were in, he is just going to go with the more experienced guy. We're conditioned enough to go and do that... it just goes back to penalties again. If you take out the penalties we got, I think we would have won.

How do you correct penalties?
We've just got to be more disciplined. We talk about it everyday. Just be coachable and use your technique.

No coach teaches you to get penalties, by hitting somebody in the helmet or facemask. That's not what you're taught to do. If you just do what you're coached to do, you won't get foolish penalties like that.

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