'It Was Real Nice'

Leland (NC) North Brunswick standout Owen Spencer visited NC State last weekend to watch his two finalists square off in the season opener.

"It was real nice," Owen Spencer told Pack Pride. "There was a good game atmosphere, and the pregame was hyped. It gave me a lot to look forward to in the college game."

Spencer had a chance to speak with NC State coaches before and after the game against the Hokies.

"I talked with [cornerbacks] coach Williams before the game and afterwards I talked to offensive coordinator Trestman," Spencer said. "He's a good guy. I met him before earlier in the summer at camp. We talked about a lot of things... the things I would do when I get there."

Did NC State press Spencer, a player that has been leaning their way for some time now, to make a verbal commitment?

"No, they really didn't," he said. "I haven't done that yet. I'll probably be committing in November sometime hopefully."

Spencer came to Raleigh looking to observe both offenses, as he projects as a wide receiver on the next level. He was particularly impressed with the Wolfpack offense under Trestman.

"It was real creative," he said. "The west coast offense, they don't really single you out and keep the defense guessing. It was balanced and that's what I like about it.

"They used the tight end very well. That's what you need as a good receiver... and a good running back because that will take pressure off of you. T.J. Williams performed real well and so did Tramain Hall."

He also noticed the Hokie offense in its first game with junior Marcus Vick at the helm.

"Virginia Tech was real balanced with Vick and the running game," said Spencer. "There wasn't any deep balls thrown... wasn't any testing of defensive backs or receivers."

The three-star prospect was a part of a huge group of recruits invited to watch NC State's season opener. He had a chance to talk with several big-time players in attendance.

"I knew some of them from camp and some of them are from around here," Spencer said. "Wes Steinman, he's a good player out of Hoggard High School, and Brandon Spikes, I sat beside him. I know he's a great athlete, and we really have a lot in common.

"I also met the new quarterback that just committed to State. He's a great guy. From what I hear, he's a good quarterback with a strong arm, smarts, and good speed. One of the coaches wanted me to talk with him and get acquainted with him, just to see how he is and give me something to look forward to next year."

Spencer appears to know where he's going, as he admits that he's leaning heavily towards NC State but is not ready to pull the trigger just yet.

"It's something like that because it was my first game at State," Spencer said. "That kind of gave me an edge towards them because of the stadium and things like that. I have the Virginia Tech and Miami game that I'm going to in October, and I want to check that out first before I announce or anything."

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