Monday PC: Brian Clark

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State senior Brian Clark met with the media today to discuss the game against Eastern Kentucky.

Brian Clark Audio (12:19)

Wide Receiver Brian Clark
Thoughts on offense with the ball being spread around:
Coach Trestman explained to us before Sunday that there is only one ball. He's going to do his best to put the ball in guys' hands that he thinks are going to make plays. We trust that coach Trestman and the rest of the coaching staff is going to do what is necessary.

What went wrong for you last year?
I wanted it so bad that I wasn't performing in practice. I wasn't doing what I needed to do in practice so it couldn't correlate to the game. I wasn't doing my job in practice. I was focused, but I wasn't being a smart football player.

More thoughts on the offense:
In this offense anybody can get the ball at any point in time. We'll have a play set up, say for maybe Tramain [Hall] being the first guy in the progression to get the ball. But, if I'm on the opposite side and I'm wide open, Jay can read it by the coverage and I will become the first progression. He tells us to run every route like we win. Coach Trestman tells us to run every route like we win... run every route like we mean it.

You are facing an 0-2 D-1AA team. How do you maintain any urgency?
We maintain because we're 0-1. We're in the same boat as them. We're winless, and they are winless. We are striving... we want to get a win under our belt.

We're trying to get places. We've got to take it out on anybody... whoever is on the schedule we have to take it out on them. That's how we feel.

You mentioned penalties and turnovers. What have you done differently to try and correct them?
Little things like we changed our huddle up. Those are some of the small things we've done. We found that the crowd was loud and a lot of guys couldn't get certain calls. We changed the huddle up, and we went back to the fundamentals. We did a lot of walk-throughs and a lot of mental reps. That's how we are going to approach every game.

How is the huddle different than how it was before?
We haven't done it yet, we've just been trying things. We've tried probably three different huddles now.

At first I was behind James Newby and I couldn't hear a lick. He's 6'8 and I'm 6'3 and I couldn't see Jay's face because he's so big.

If you see [in the Virginia Tech game] almost all the skill guys were behind offensive linemen. You could see Tramain bouncing over guys. We are trying to clean it up and make it better.

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