Monday PC: A.J. Davis

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State junior cornerback A.J. Davis met with the media today to discuss the game against Eastern Kentucky.

A.J. Davis Audio (7:53)

Junior Cornerback A.J. Davis
What did coach Amato say to you after the penalties?
Just keep competing. My biggest problem was that I was getting my hands too high. He kind of chewed me out a little bit, I guess that was out of emotions. But he came back and told me to keep competing out there.

Obviously you want to play fundamentally sound and competitive but smart at the same time.
Exactly. When we're playing man coverage that's a lot to do because at times the game is on our shoulders at cornerback. We have to compete on every down, and I have to have a short-term memory.

What kind of fundamentals?
It's many things. When the receiver is coming off the line he's juking and he's low. You're focusing on his numbers and boom boom, it's like that. If you hit his helmet it's a flag. I've got to be more patient.

So you have to let a receiver juke and then hit him when his body isn't moving?
Exactly... easier said than done.

Was coach Amato right? Have you never had a flag before in a college game?
He was close. He doesn't remember the penalty, but I got a penalty my freshman year against Maryland... a pass interference. That was the last penalty I had.

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