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RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media today to discuss the game against Eastern Kentucky.

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    Chuck Amato Audio (30:27)

    NC State head coach Chuck Amato

    It's been since the Wake Forest game that you've won here. How surprised are you?
    I'm disappointed. Miami, Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Virginia Tech. Circumstances that you guys can go look up, great teams, and there wasn't one game that we didn't have opportunities to win. For whatever reason we didn't.

    But, this is not last year's football team. This is a different football team than last year, and I'm not going to let perception affect this football team. This football team is not an undisciplined football team.

    I think we have a chance to be a real good team, but again we're not an undisciplined team. I don't know how many teams in america are asked to take their hats off when they walk into a building and they do. I don't know how many teams in america are asked to shave their face during the season. I don't know how many teams in america are asked to straighten out their locker after every practice before they leave here, and I can go on and on and on.

    It's a new team and a daggone good team.

    Does experience help with the discipline?
    I think experience always helps. If I had handed you that film of that football team and asked you to analyze this. Every play and every player on every play, and give me a grade... and I'll stop there. Next question.

    After the Virginia Tech game you were searching for new ways to get rid of the penalties and silly mistakes. Do you feel like since that game you made any progress?
    I felt like we had addressed that before the last game, and we won't know before we play this game on Saturday.

    I'm going to repeat this, and I'm glad [Brian Clark and Oliver Hoyte] are sitting here and they are two of our better leaders right there. I'm not going to let perception affect them.

    What impressed you about Eastern Kentucky?
    We just got the film last night. They can move the ball, and they have moved the ball on both teams they played. Both of them are pretty good football teams. They will fight you to the end.

    What is the perception you are guarding against?
    Perception... perception. Write what you will... perception.

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