Tuesday: Chuck Amato Audio

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met the media today following practice.

Chuck Amato (6:18)

What were your impressions of replay and the way it worked?
It worked a lot didn't it? It worked a lot. The one we had... you kind of had to chuckle a little bit. The official says, "his arm was going forward... we just wanted to see if the ball hit the ground or not." Where did the other twelve eyes go? Did you see it hit the ground? It was so visible. It wasn't even close.

More thoughts on replay:
I heard one school, and I don't know who it was... four and a half minutes and then they overturned it. It took them four and a half minutes? What were they looking for? It's no question, it's going to be good. It ain't any longer than what those daggone TV timeouts are.

If it takes that long, it would seem to me that they are looking for something that might not be there. But, it's better to get it right, if they do get it right.

It's going to be interesting. Probably when we go to the ACC meetings next spring, it may bring up if we want to allow a coach to have one [challenge] or one [challenge] per half to use.

This is good. We're all trying to do it right.

Can you talk about what Manny Lawson has gained by coming back to school?
He's gained an opportunity to get to the NFL. That's all I can say. He's gained an opportunity to get to the NFL. Tell him to ask T.A. [McLendon] I mean there are so many examples of kids that go out. Maturity is such an important thing to the NFL and experience. Ya'll don't understand that.

Koren Robinson stretched the field for you when he was here. Do you need a guy that can stretch the field vertically?
Sure you need a guy like that, but more importantly you need five guys on the line that can keep those people out. If you are going to throw the ball 40 yards down the field you have to take a seven-step drop. If you take a seven-step drop if gives those people up front a lot more chances to come up and get you.

Thoughts on his wide receivers:
We've got very smart receivers that have learned technique in running patterns against bump-and-run coverage, off man-to-man, off zone, up zone... they've really learned how to get off some of those things. That's really been an education for them. Double-D [Dwayne Dixon] and Marc [Trestman] have done just a really good job of that.

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