Locker Room Audio: Chuck Amato

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met the media following the win over Eastern Kentucky and here's a sampler of what he had to say.

Chuck Amato (11:55)

Thoughts on opening kickoff:
I thought we came out and set the tone. The opening kickoff set the tone for the game. Oliver Hoyte goes down and makes the hit of the season... maybe one of the biggest hits that been at that stadium in a long, long, long time. That really did set the tone. The fans got into it, not that they weren't. The players were excited.

Thoughts on removing the starters in the first quarter:
I really think I did the right thing... we talked about it. To do it in the first quarter, I'll never do it again. I think that first team has got to play the whole first half no matter what's going on. They need the work as much as anybody else.

Again, all I can think about is people getting carried off the field, and we had a couple that did. That didn't help... that didn't help matters.

Can you talk about the decision to start Toney Baker?
There's more to that story than meets the eye. What a great decision it was.

Can you talk about the way he played?
He played... well, if I have to tell you the way he played, I got to send you to the eye doctors downstairs. You know what, he's an outstanding running back, there's no doubt about it.

So are the rest of them. I'm telling you, that's just the way things go in practice. The day you do good, the next day you do bad. Because they are young... they are all young kids.

He's a good one.

So why did you start Baker?
Because I had to... I told you, I just dreamed about it last night.

He said you told him this morning.
Yes... that's enough. I mean I just felt it was time to do it.

Thoughts on execution:
I thought the execution was real sharp. I thought Jay [Davis] did a good job.

Can you talk about Jay's performance?
Those 11 games he got under his belt last year... experience at that position is so vital.

Jay's learned. Jay's a real sharp youngster and I think Marc's done an oustanding job with him on top of it.

Was your paranoia the reason you didn't play Baker more?
I just wanted to get those others.. I wanted to get Bobby and Andre in the game. I wanted them to play. I wanted them to see themselves play. I wanted to see them on film. I wanted to see them do good things. I wanted to see them do bad things.

I felt comfortable that they could go out there and do really good things because they are all playmakers. I think they deserve that. That had nothing to do with injuries at that point.

What are the positives you can take from this game?
We won. I'll be more upset watching that film tomorrow than I was two weeks ago watching that other film. I really will. It's so funny, but you can correct mistakes a lot easier sometimes when you win than when you lose because they feel good about the outcome of the game. That's the only thing that counts... the outcome.

Do you foresee a second start for Baker?
It's just a matter of what the psychics say to me before the game.

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