Locker Room Audio: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, NC -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Wolfpack's win over Eastern Kentucky.

Mario Williams (1:53)

"I just did what the coaches are telling me to do. He's just like, 'Go... even if you block it just keep going, don't stop.' I just kept going and I came through.

"It was easier in a game than what it was in practice. In practice it was a lot harder than it seems like."

DaJuan Morgan (1:17)

"That was big. You try and set the tone of the game... you're always looking for that big hit, that big play. We got it today and I think that gave us a lot of momentum and it's why we scored real quick on offense."

Geron James (1:30)

"[Catching his first career touchdown] feels good. It feels real good. It feels even better that pretty much all the freshmen did their thing today. Toney Baker got three touchdowns, Andre [Brown] got one, so I feel pretty good about it."

"I feel next year and from here on we're going to have a dynasty. That's what I feel like we're going to have. We've got some real good recruits in and these freshmen we have are pretty good."

Toney Baker (57 seconds)

"Really you can't coach vision. That's just god-given ability. Actually after I get the handoff it just takes over. It's hard to explain. I just try to run hard."

Darrell Blackman (3:53)

"[Starting] is not a real big deal. Coaches make the decision and you've got to live with it. That's what people got to understand, you've got to live with the coaches decision. You're going to get your chance and I just waited.

"It's good for [Toney Baker] to get out there against a 1-AA team and get the feel of the game... get some momentum behind him. He went out there and did a good job tonight, Andre as well. I knew I was going to get my chance to get out there and do what I do best. It's just a patience game. When you get your call and they put you in there, make the best of it."

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