Monday PC: Leroy Harris

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State junior Leroy Harris met with the media today to discuss the game against North Carolina.

Center Leroy Harris

Leroy Harris Audio (11:12)

"It's definitely a big rivalry to the fans, but we don't consider any week bigger than the other. Our goal is to win every game, especially the conference games. Those are the biggest of them all because our goal is to be an ACC champion. Them being in our [conference], we've got to have this win."

"It hurt the same as any loss did. We hate to lose like any competitive person does."

"I thought [the offensive line] have done pretty well. The last game we got some young guys in there, rotating with the first team. Curtis Crouch played a lot with the first team, Meares Green played, Kalani played probably the majority of the snaps out of all of us. That got some experience, definitely early in the season where if injuries happen we've got some guys with experience that can go in there."

"Herndon and McKeon have done an excellent job. I didn't think the coaches were too worried about them, they might have been about Herndon with this being his first year playing offensive line, but he got their doubts out after that first game. He's definitely ready to go."

"[Toney Baker] is definitely a competitive guy. He's big, he's strong, and he's quick. It makes my job a lot easier knowing that I don't have to hold my block so long because he's going to get through the hole, turn it up the field, and get as many yards as he can."

"I've watched [North Carolina] a little bit on TV, and I've seen a lot of improvement. Especially with experience, they've got Page back on d-line and he was one of their best players, definitely on the d-line. A year of experience really helps out with coming off the ball, reading guys and just playing football in there. I know they've got some real good guys on their front seven. Their front seven is highly improved from last year."

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