Monday PC: Manny Lawson

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State senior Manny Lawson met with the media today to discuss the game against North Carolina.

Defensive End Manny Lawson

Manny Lawson Audio (15:22)

"Let me tell you this, yesterday and the past couple of games our offense has come a long ways. The reason I know is I'm sitting on the bench during gametime and I'm breathing. I'm not having to constantly step up and run in and out. I have time to sit down, breathe, sip on some Gatorade, change my mind, sip on some water, wipe my face a little bit, look at them on screen, watch a little bit, and I'm ready to go."

"Every loss is a tough loss to get over. Despite what happened last year, last year is last year. We're looking forward to this year and proving ourselves and getting us to where we need to be... that's the ACC championship."

"Last year rest on everybody's mind... everybody has controversial issues about what happened. But, last year was last year and if you live in the past you'll never be able to move on in the future. So why dwell on the past?"

"It can be a source of motivation. If you need that to be motivation then I don't think you should be able to play in this game. It being your rivalry school in North Carolina... powder blue... that should be motivation enough."

"Did I get a good look [of Toney Baker running over a defender]? That's going to be on the highlight film.. that's going to be on my highlight film and I'm not going to be in the picture. Oh yea, I saw it.

It doesn't amaze me. In the [summer scrimmage] he broke through one of my tackles that I could have sworn I took him down, but it happened to be someone else... my own teammate. I don't know how he got through there. It's like he doesn't have a center of gravity. He's like that inflatable doll you push over and it keeps coming back. I don't understand him... that dude is unbelievable."

"I'm not a big person on stats. Your stats will take care of themselves if you do what you need to do."

"I'd rate the defensive line after two games on a scale from one to ten a six. I'm very critical, and it's not so much the defensive line but myself. We have a lot of things to improve on, a lot of things to learn about our techniques, and a lot of things to learn about our assignments."

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