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RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media today to discuss the game against North Carolina.

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    Chuck Amato Audio (28:44)

    NC State head coach Chuck Amato

    Thoughts on offense and defense being ranked near top of ACC:
    I'm glad you told me. I don't pay attention to that. The only thing you pay attention to is when you win or lose. All the other stuff is a moot point. It's nice... it's nice, but then when you look at different things and you see why.

    Will you use last year's game as motivation?
    No. Last year's game is over.

    Thoughts on the game against UNC:
    It should be an important game because it's a rivalry game. It's important to everybody involved with both schools. Both schools, they want to beat the other school because it is a rivalry. The mere fact that it's 20 miles a part, and we've got three in this area that far a part or less. The only rivalry that might be closer is Southern Cal and UCLA... and there might be twenty miles between those two places.

    It's huge. It's what everybody looks for. It means so much to everybody and it's just got bigger and bigger and bigger as the universities have got bigger and bigger.

    Thoughts on Toney Baker against EKU:
    I was impressed with what he did. Like you people I'm sure were. He ran the ball well, he caught the ball, he did things without the football that probably went unseen by you people. He's starting to become that full player which you have to be at that position.

    I kept saying that for these youngsters everything is as clear as mud and some day it's going to open up like a rose pedal. His pedal is starting to open.

    Any sense of one running back being ahead of the rest?
    No, and it's a shame you have to pick one because they all are gonna play. I can't say they all are going to play every game, but they are going to play. They are all good.

    It's been a real good competition with all of them. There's no hatred between any of them, they root for one another. It's a great thing to have, competition that deep. Teams that have competition that deep at all positions.. that's why those teams are good year-in and year-out.

    We lost one of the best running backs in the country in T.A. McLendon, and we have some really good youngsters picking up the slack... they are playing like first-teamers. In that position there is quality depth. There are a lot of positions on my team and other teams that doesn't have quality depth. We are fortunate there.

    What kind of game do you expect from North Carolina?
    I think that coach Bunting wants to establish, like every other coach, a running game. And one of these days it's going to happen, we just hope it doesn't happen against us. We've got to stop the run. You really, really do. It's a matter of if you want a slow death or a fast death. When we know that they are gonna have to pass it makes stopping that a lot easier. It doesn't mean that you can.

    Thoughts on UNC's quarterback Matt Baker:
    What a great story their quarterback is. Five years... how many quarterbacks will stick around for four years just to wait for that one year to start, not knowing who they would have recruited two years after they have been there knowing he may be the man.

    He throws it, he's tough, he can run, and I bet he's the kind of player that you can say learned over the last four years as if he was playing. He had reps without getting hit.

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