Teleconference: Trestman Talks Football

Wolfpack offensive coordinator Marc Trestman talked with the media today via teleconference and here is a sampler of what the NC State assistant had to say.

Do you prefer a workhorse tailback or does the offense work better with a rotation back there?
It just goes back to the same thing... in my experience as a coordinator, I've never had a back that is a workhorse back. I just try and get the ball into guy's hands and every week a different story is written. It just depends what happens during the week, and I don't know that we put ourselves in that kind of position.

Do you have any feel for the North Carolina-NC State rivalry?
I really don't, and I don't spend much time reading the paper about it or anything like that. Every game is the most important game you can play and the rivalries are for the fans and for the players that have been around it and a part of it. My focus is to get the team ready to play the best they can play.

What have you seen from the North Carolina defense?
In comparison to last year, I think they are faster, they are quicker, and I think they are very, very sound defensively in terms of what they are doing and what they ask their players to do. They have a variety of things that we have to prepare for in their fronts and their coverages.

Can you describe Toney Baker's running style and what are his strengths?
I think one thing that is a priority for any tailback in our offense is their ability to protect the passer. Toney has shown that for the most part he has adapted well to the new system, the terminology, and finding the right guy to block. That really is number one.

Number two is he's got obviously quickness, a low center of gravity, he can change speeds, he's got very good hands, and he's got great vision. He's a tough guy to tackle because of his body type.

How much of what Toney has accomplished in his brief time here do you chalk up to physical talent or really understanding the game and doing what you want him to do?
The reason why he is playing is he has adapted very quickly to the offense and the terminology and the language and diversity of what we are trying to do. That's really benefited him. He's a very locked in guy, he takes a very mature approach to what we are doing, and he's able to handle it. We try to give him a little bit at a time, and he's done well. One game doesn't make a season, and this game will present new challenges for him as it will for all of us. We'll see how it goes.

How pleased were you to get your reserve quarterbacks some reps this past weekend?
That's always a good thing, especially under the circumstances. Marcus doesn't get a lot of reps during practice, the way we work is Jay gets almost all the reps. Marcus has to do it through visual repetition, talking with me and working through it. That's not easy to ask a young player to do. But, he's adapted well, he went out there and made some good things happen on Saturday night.

You mentioned at the beginning of the season that you didn't have a true fullback on the roster. It looks like you have been using Anthony Hill and Octavius Darby there. Can you talk about the job they have done?
They have adapted very well. They are multiple-type of players who can play with their hands on the line of scrimmage and they can move. Really all of our tight ends are able to do that, which just gives us more flexibility in our offense.

I know it's been only two games, but you've seen the tailbacks in live action. Are you at the point where you see two or three guys moving above the rest?
This week we are going to continue to progress with Toney and Darrell [Blackman]. It's impossible to work four or five guys. We are going to continue to work with the other guys, Andre [Brown] included, give them some reps, but we will give a lot of the reps to Darrell and Toney this week.

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