Tuesday: Chuck Amato Audio + Quotes

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met the media today following practice.

Chuck Amato (5:36)

Do you feel like you're a lightning rod in this whole thing? For North Carolina, not so much that they want to beat State but to stick it to Chuck a little bit too?
Me? Not at all. You guys... you people have a different perspective about [it]. It's a rival. I enjoy it, I enjoyed the other two rivals I was at tremendously. Really that's it. It's more of a rivalry for me than being at the other two schools because I know a little more about it. I was here as a player, a student, and a coach for about 14 or 15 years. I understand what it's all about. If they want to stick it to Chuck, that's fine. They are not the only ones that wanted to stick it to Chuck. [Laughing] You guys did two weeks ago.

You won a close game over North Carolina your senior year in 1967. Did you build off that win and have your magical run?
We were good in '67. It might have been the best team to ever play here... really. We were awfully, awfully good. Obviously we wouldn't have played Penn State undefeated, but we would have still played Penn State and only have one loss.

But, we did win it. We did win it.

Did you keep up with this rivalry when you were at Florida State?
Oh yea... sure. Sure. I wrote coaches that were coaching here and wished them luck before and/or after the game. Again, I think the fact that me going to school here, and there's a lot of coaches in this league right now. Ralph [Friedgen], myself, John [Bunting], the two coaches at Virginia, Frank [Beamer] and Al [Groh]. Sure it means a little more to us because we've all been through it and we know what it's all about.

Can you talk about Anthony Hill and the job he's been doing?
We kind of got a feel of that in the spring when he started to grow up and really take football a little more serious. He might be the toughest kid on our team. He's a nasty kid during the game, clean, but he's tough. He enjoys contact and he's just a youngster.

He's about 6'6 and anywhere from 268 to 275, and he's skinny. He's got good hands. We've got to teach him to not run into the field but to run that way. No, he's made good strides and he's just scratching the surface.

Thoughts on having Stephen Tulloch back healthy:
It's good because he's such a good player. The other players can feed off his play. Now there's enough good players on that side of the ball that they can feed off each other if somebody is dialing out. It's getting to be a pretty tight group. It's good to have him out there and healthy.

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