Hall: 'If You Bleed Red, You Wear Red And White'

Senior wide receiver Tramain Hall hails from Deerfield Beach, Florida, but he knows all about the rivalry with North Carolina. Hear Hall talk about the rivalry in this exclusive audio from Pack Pride.

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Tramain Hall (5:49)

Thoughts on leading the team in receiving and getting the ball:
The whole point is not to get me the ball, it's just the way the offense works. Jay's going through his reads and sometimes I'm the first primary guy or I may be the second or third guy.

I think we've got a little thing going. He knows the offense, and he knows where everybody is going to be at.

North Carolina played a lot of man coverage against Georgia Tech. Do you think they will do that on Saturday?
We hope so... we really do. It's a good opportunity to make big plays. We're used to playing man-to-man coverage with our defense and seeing another team come in and play man will be a good thing. I think our defense plays good man-to-man coverage and it gives us a good look. We'll be ready for it.

I thought their DBs looked good playing man against Georgia Tech. We're going to go out there and take advantage of the opportunities we get.

What do you see from North Carolina's defense this year?
Fast... faster than last year. A quick defense and they get to the ball. They come.. they blitz you real hard so you've got to take advantage of that. When it's time to hit a home run you've got to hit a home run.

What do you remember of the last two plays from last year's game?
Referee putting his hands up, points on the board... looking up there and points coming off the board. Then that whole crowd stormed the field. The most upsetting thing for me was seeing the crowd storm the field like that.

With me being from Florida you have the Florida-Florida State rivalry, the Miami-Florida State rivalry... this is exactly what it is. I'm just in North Carolina... I'm at NC State and I'm playing the guys that are literally about 20 or 30 minutes away from us. This whole rivalry is a grind.

Have you picked up on this rivalry?
I've picked up on it big-time. You bleed red... it's plain and simple. If you bleed red, you wear red and white. That's what you represent. When you go against the boys in blue, you've got to be ready for them.

Do you think it was a touchdown?
I think it was a touchdown. We got a closeup on it. His knee was on the man's arm... it was a touchdown.

Thoughts on the final fumble in last year's game:
The fumble play, it hurt. He jumped up, they got it, and it was something that happened. We don't want to look back on it. Now we're getting ready for this one. We've got to come out victorious in this one. We've got to come out and play.

What's special about Toney Baker?

For me it's beyond football. The guy has a great personality. He has star personality. He has the capabilities of being a great back. He's a very humble guy. That's why I think he's at the front running right now.

He's humble, and he waited his turn. Patience is a virtue. He got his opportunity, and he's taking full advantage of it.

Thoughts on Baker as a running back:
Very tremendous power... it's amazing, that package he brings. It's exciting to see him run. The whole package... and he's a freshman.

You may see that guy for just two more years... to be plain and simple. He'll probably finish school, and you'll get to see him three more years. He's going to be exciting.

His personality is great, and that is what makes him the guy he is.

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