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RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met the media today following practice.

Chuck Amato

Chuck Amato (7:09)

Do you do anything special with your freshmen like have them carrying the gear or anything like that?
They do nothing of a hazing-type thing for any of them... and that's not really hazing. No, they are part of the team. When freshmen became eligible they became a part of the team.

What is your philosophy on players having duplicate numbers and have you ever had a problem with playing two guys at the same time with the same number but couldn't do it?
For years everybody thought that you couldn't have duplicate numbers on the field. I think the first people that I saw do it was Nebraska. I talked to them and they said as long as two of them are not on the field at the same time.

Let's take for instance the number nine. What's the chances of nine and nine being on the field at the same time?

We have shirts they are ready to pull over just in case. We haven't had a problem thus far, we really haven't.

How married are kids to their numbers?
It's funny, some of them come in married to a number. Everybody wants a single-digit number. A single-digit, or a number with a zero, or a number with a five in it, or a double number because those are numbers you guys remember better... 22, 20. 67? Who's got 67? 53? You think it's a cadence... blue-18, 53.

Some of them do, but if they are taken there is nothing we can do. What we'll tell them is that when it comes open we'll give it to them, but by that time most of them won't switch. They'll be married to their new number, and it's not a big thing.

Some kids won't go to a school because their number is not available, and they want to go to that school but their number is not available. It's kind of silly, but they are youngsters.

You had a situation where there was a confrontation between an offensive line coach and Derek Morris. How did you address that situation?
I didn't know it went on. If we're having this thing with penalties and somebody does something over and over again, I want the coach to get on them. It wasn't what it appeared to be. You have to know the personalities of those people. They do know each other's personalities. Heck, they come out here and practice for a whole lot of minutes as the years go on and a coach knows how far he can go with you, maybe not so far with him and so on.

I talked to Derek and Mike seperately, and I got the same answer. Nobody put a hand on nobody and there was a lot of mumble jumble... nobody seems to say anything about my best friend down there in Tallahassee, [FSU defensive coordinator] Mickey [Andrews]. They love it... 'ah, look at Mickey he's all over that guy, rah, rah, rah...,' but that's the way some coaches are.

Didn't you watch Reggie [Herring] last year enough with his intensity? Nine times out of ten they don't even know what they are saying because they are just trying to get their kids to do their very best.

I guess people are thinking the player is questioning the coach.
That's what the people don't know. The players aren't, the players aren't. Again, every situation is different, it really is.

Then those same people would say, 'huh, Coach doesn't even care about it. Look at that... no wonder. He don't even care. He's not going to say anything to that kid when he comes off the field.' It's a catch-22... it really is.

I didn't see it, I heard about it, addressed it, and it happens everywhere in America. There is no question about it.

That's why I personally don't like to chew anybody out on the sidelines in front of a lot of people. The lockerroom is one thing. If I want to discipline my kids, I'm going to do it behind closed doors. It's not to say I haven't done that in all the year's I've coached.

What do you think of P. J. Daniels?
He's pretty good isn't he? He's awfully good. He's really a quality young man. I remember last year he came up to me before the game and started talking to me. 'Hey coach how you doing...' just talking so positively. That's the first time I've really ever talked to him. He's a nice young man from what I gather and an even better football player.

You going to do anything differently this week from last week to try and stop him?
Tackle... tackle and blocking.

What are your thoughts on how Stephen Tulloch is playing?
Stephen is always around the ball. The only thing that ever gets Stephen in trouble is that he sees too much.

Vision I think is one of the most important assets than any athlete can have. The more you can see the better the player you will be.

Magic Johnson came down and could give blind passes because he had great vision. Stephen sees so much... when he starts flowing to a play he sees so much. Sometimes that even gets him into a little bit of trouble, but he's had a good year coming off that operation. It doesn't surprise us.

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