9/28: Amato Radio Show Highlights

NC State head coach Chuck Amato held his weekly radio show tonight and here's sampler of what the coach had to say when asked questions from Wolfpack fans.

I have a comment. You are 3-3 against North Carolina and achieved recruiting parity. It's time for State fans to quit panicking and stay the course.
You're exactly right, and I certainly do appreciate that. The problem isn't terminal. I had a young lady tell me that on Sunday. It really isn't. We're so close, but we've got to win. That's the bottomline. When I came here, I purposely pushed the expectations up. That's my standards. That's what I want our standards to be. What am I going to do, come in and live in a closet? I don't want to do that. Let's push them up there.

How easy is it to get there? Ask coach Frank Beamer... one of the best coaches in the country. After six years, his record was 24-40-2, and they hadn't gone to a bowl! Would it have been a travesty for that school to do something to that man... 24-40-2. Coach K, the best basketball coach in the country, 38-47 after three years.

We have a long way to go and you people are helping us get there.

Has there ever been any consideration of using Reggie Davis and Andre Brown at fullback?
We've talked about that considerably, but we actually use a bigger person than those two in what we're doing.

We're playing a lot of two tights end and one back. One of those tight ends being a moving person, you call a 'U-back,' that we've got John Richter who fits that bill as a big, physical individual. We've got Anthony Hill, just a sophomore who is 6'6 and weighs 272 pounds and fits that bill. That's even bigger and better to go after linebackers in the running game. We use that quite a bit.

We've talked to Reggie and Reggie wants to be a tailback, and he understands that. I think he's seeing that maybe he can help the team by possibly doing that. Those other guys have really got into the swing of it.

Hey coach, we've got to get back on the winning track. I know you guys can and are working hard to do that.
Yes we are. All of our efforts are to do that for not only ourselves but for you great Wolfpack fans.

Tramain Hall, I heard he was possibly the #1 ranked cornerback in the nation as a high school player. Ever thought of using him at cornerback?
No we haven't. He was actually a running back, played a little defense, and he is little. Covering that big wide receiver Georgia Tech has, maybe we need to get Tommy Burleson on the field to match up with his height.

Tramain's a really, really good athlete. We've got two real good corners and a couple of others coming along. A.J. and Marcus Hudson are awfully good and they do a great job in their bump-and-run game.

[After talking about NC State's 'white shoes' defense when Amato played a caller referenced the white shoe polish Amato used] I'm maybe hoping you've got more white shoe polish for those red shoes you coaches are wearing.
[Laughing] You guys watch me too much, you should watch that daggone game. I've got red underwear on too. Our color is red, and they are the most comfortable shoes and they didn't come in white.

[Laughing] If people want me to wear something besides that, lavender is really my favorite color. Maybe we'll really get some problems on that. If it takes me putting white shoe polish on those coaching shoes with dots I will do it.

In thinking of Jimmy Valvano, I can't help but remember the way the News and Observer chopped him up and criticized him back during that period of time. It's beginning to tick me off a little bit in the way they are coming at you.

I'm looking at an article today that says 'Amato Takes A Turn.' It says, 'here is the edited version' of your responses. 'The fans are questioning whether you are the man to lead this program. How do you respond to the fans?' They have your response as: 'I don't respond to fans.' Well, I know better than that. Help everybody understand what you are saying there.
I didn't say Wolfpack fans did I? They could have been Carolina fans, they could have been Wake Forest fans, they could have been Duke fans, they could have been Virginia Tech fans. I didn't say, 'I don't respond to Wolfpack fans.'

I do read the paper. That looked as if it was a sit-down, question-and-answer. It wasn't. It was after a two-hour and forty-five minute practice. I'm soaking wet, I'm sweating, I hardly have a voice and my mind is on Georgia Tech, my team, and you people. It was not the typical let's sit down and have a Q&A.

It goes with the territory. I understand that and it doesn't bother me. It really, really, really doesn't. And you know why? Because of the Wolfpack fans it doesn't bother me. If it was just fans it would.

Again, I was hired to be a leader. I got so inspired listening to General Shelton speak to our team. If the leader's going to run around moping then you people will be moping. We're not going to do that. We're different.

I wasn't here when things happened to Jimmy V. I read about it, and I heard about it.

Don't worry about it. We know what the real story is, the people that really understand. We understand maybe even why they are doing it. Who cares? That means they are taking jabs at us. Why did they take jabs at Muhammad Ali? Because he was good. Why do they take jabs at the New York Yankees? Because they are good. Believe it or not, I take it as a complement.

I'm a Wolfpack fan so if I didn't have constructive criticism it would be a shock. Unfortunately at the Carolina game I think our players were outplayed, our coaches were outcoached, and I think the fans had an incredibly disappointing day. It was just a real bad day for us.

I know that Jay Davis is a great young man, and I understand he's got great passing statistics, but a lot of us wonder if he's really a Division-1 quarterback. We're fans, we're pulling for you, Jay and everybody but there are some serious questions out there.

But, with all the criticism, we love the job you're doing and we're pulling for you like crazy.
Jay is the best quarterback we have on our team right now. He is the best quarterback that we have to run our offense. Believe me when I tell you that.

Right on on the other comments you made... the disappointment we all felt it and it's magnified because of who we played. I'd be upset if you were not upset. I'd be upset if you weren't upset about that particular day.

They did outplay us in certain areas. Our kids didn't quit and that's something that is very, very important because they know what they are playing for, who they are playing for and who they represent. They do represent this university with a lot of class.

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