Friday PC: Sterling Hicks

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State senior Sterling Hicks met with the media today to discuss the game against Georgia Tech.

Wide Receiver Sterling Hicks

Sterling Hicks Audio (10:07)

"We had a guy go down in Brian Clark and my number was called about four or five times so I hda to step up and make a play when the ball was thrown my way."

"Working with Dixon was probably the greatest thing to happen to the receivers as a group."

"We want to take shots down the field, but the protection has to be there. I think we are doing a good job on the line, but sometimes you have mistakes that happen every now and then that prevents you from taking shots."

"It's tough. Obviously we don't want to be 1-2 right now, we'd rather be 3-0 but you just have to keep fighting."

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