Sunday: Chuck Amato Audio + Quotes

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met the media today following practice.

NC State Head Coach Chuck Amato

Chuck Amato (2:41)

Opening Thoughts:
We had a good practice. We really did. Yesterday was Monday... our players don't know what our calendar is all about. We've had one true week.

When was the last time we were here on a Monday and didn't have to go to class? Today was Tuesday... when was the last time we were here and practiced on a Tuesday and didn't have to go to class? Then tomorrow, we practice in the evening because of afternoon classes and we normally have pretty good practices in the evening.

I'm really encouraged with it.

What do you expect from Reggie Ball? Do you think he will be 100%?
Yea... if you don't read anything he's 100%. Why not? He played a whole game against Virginia Tech until they took him out.

What kind of a game for Georgia Tech is this? Do you believe they will have a psychological overhang at all?
It's an ACC game. We've all got to get up for ACC games. Did you see that this weekend?

What are your thoughts on Calvin Johnson?
Scary. You don't find wide receivers like that. He's a special one. He's a special player. He's big, he's fast... he's strong. He's special.

Can you compare him to anyone here at NC State or when you were at Florida State?
I think he's bigger than Koren [Robinson], but he's got those big-play capabilities that Koren had.

I coached against awfully good ones from the University of Miami and the University of Florida. Michael Irvin was no slouch.

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