Kalani Heppe (OL)

TSW takes a closer look at NC State's latest football commitment from the Class of 2003, Kalani Heppe.

Name: Kalani Heppe
Position: Offensive Line
Hometown: Bealeton (Va)
High School: (Liberty)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 270
Speed: 5.1
School Preferences: Committed to NC State

TSW Bullet Points:

  • Expects to play guard in College
  • Bench 320, Squat 550, Clean 290, Vertical Jump 27"
  • Chose NC State over West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and Virginia Tech
  • 3.25 GPA and 1010 SAT
  • Recruited by Asst. Coach Dick Portee

    Scouting Report - April 17, 2002: (Jerry Cornwell * TSW Staff)
    Kalani Heppe decided early he wanted to go to NC State. After being invited down to look over NC State the weekend before the annual Red/White game, he knew he would be back. Not only did he come back to watch the scrimmage, he brought his commitment with him as well.

    TSW caught up with NC State's latest verbal from the class of 2003 and asked him about his trip. "I went down for an unofficial visit and things just clicked" Heppe said, "They just presented themselves well. I was shown around the campus by Coach Portee and the Stately Ladies."

    While the recruitment process ended early for Kalani, NC State has been aware of him for a couple of years. Kalani said, "Coach Portee visited me in my Sophomore year. I started receiving mail from NC State in January of this year. During my visit, Coach Amato offered and I accepted."

    Once NC State extended their grant, other teams began making offers as well. "Coach Amato was the first to offer and other teams jumped on the bandwagon." The other teams involved with Kalani were Virgina, Virgina Tech, Maryland and West Virginia.

    Kalani was the pulling blocker for a team that rushed over 4000 yards last season. We asked him what his strengths were as a player. "My strengths are my quickness and lateral movement" Heppe said, "I may not be the biggest player, but I have a big heart and I want to stay in the game until its over."

    Heppe projects to be a full qualifier academically (3.25 GPA 1010 SAT) and looks to be heading to Raleigh when he graduates in 2003.

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