Locker Room Audio: Chuck Amato

ATLANTA, GA -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met the media following the win over Georgia Tech and here's a sampler of what he had to say.

Chuck Amato (8:41)

"Sorry to disappoint you. We tried again didn't we? We tried again didn't we? And, you saw the game... I'm sorry to disappoint you guys. You've got to take that out with those football players in there. You really need to. What a game."

"We took our last [timeout] because our kids were dead. I wanted to hold one in case we wanted to ice the kicker. But we wanted to get our kids some air so they could go harder than they did the play before. They were tired. When they got down there, they probably had to do that (take a timeout) to get things in order. So what are we going to do. They're going to take three shots in the end zone, and who's it going to be? So we practiced that defense, and we got the tip, and this time we made the miraculous catch in the end zone."

"It's about time we got one, and we almost didn't for the same reasons, with penalties. Penalties, penalties, penalties. But you know what, nobody on that team ever gave up. Nobody on that team ever quit. Nobody thought we wouldn't hold them and go into overtime or do something big in the end zone. And we did. I'm so happy and proud for those kids."

"You know what you can do with statistics? Ninety-one snaps they had. That might be a record. Since 1988, the first time NC State has won in Atlanta against Georgia Tech, an outstanding Georgia Tech team. And the sad part is, in the third quarter, we take the opening kickoff and almost break it, then we punt it and give it to them on the three-yard line, and they take it 97 yards. How many big plays did they make, and how many did we not make? And it went on and on and on."

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