Saturday PC: Chuck Amato

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media today to discuss the game against Clemson.

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    Chuck Audio (23:17)

    "But, those penalties they have got to stop. If we didn't have two penalties on our attack team, our punt-block team, that gave Georgia Tech the ball over again, it would have been as dominating a game in the kicking game that we would have had against a really quality, quality football team."

    "These young men, contrary to popular belief, have a lot of character. You have to have that when you lose two games on the last play of the game. You have to have that. You've got to have a firm belief that you are going to win. These kids have it. They have it."

    "Stephen [Tulloch] is an outstanding linebacker. Stephen's getting a little more disciplined in some of the things he does on the field. He's such a playmaker that sometimes it gets him in trouble because he has great, great vision. He's a youngster that if he was that much taller he probably wouldn't be here because a lot of other people would have recruited him. That much... isn't that crazy? That much. He's good. He means a lot to the defense."

    "Ya'll know how good [Charlie Whitehurst] is. Last year you got to erase the tape on that one, but ya'll had him picked to win Heisman Trophies and well deserving, and be All-ACC preseason, well deserving because he is good. I think he might only have three interceptions this year and last year that might have been doubled. He's playing with an awful lot of leadership and confidence, not that he didn't last year, don't get me wrong. I really feel that he doesn't care if they throw sixty times or six times, he just wants to win."

    "Knowing Tommy [Bowden] like I do, and having been around him and him being around his father and me being around my stepfather, he will do nothing but accentuate all the positive things and make them come up here with a feeling that they are 5-0."

    "They are another good football team... they are another good football team that the record may not show it. Boston College, overtime... Miami, overtime. Good football team. They beat a good football team in Texas A&M. They beat a good Maryland football team, as we are seeing. They will be confident because they are youngsters and Tommy will get them ready, there is no doubt about it."

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